‘The Little Couple’ Will & Zoey Klein All Grown Up, See Big Changes

Zoey & Will Klein, Instagram, The Little Couple

The Little Couple stars Will and Zoey Klein are growing up fast! They are changing a lot these days, and fans might be surprised to see what they look like now. Keep reading to get the latest update on Bill Klein and Jen Arnold’s kids, plus take a walk down memory lane with the family of four.

Right now, it doesn’t look like The Little Couple will be returning to TLC. Jen recently gave fans an update on their show and what’s ahead. Fans are still hopeful that the show will come back eventually.

In the meantime, fans are loving keeping up with Bill, Jen, Zoey, and Will on social media. Recently, Jen promoted their family pet store. She’s also documented her family’s fun summertime activities, vacations, and much more.

Below, you can see a snap of Will and Zoey from a couple of years ago on TLC.

Zoey & Will Klein, YouTube, The Little Couple

Now, Will and Zoey have changed a lot since that snap was taken. Scroll down to check out their recent photos.

The Little Couple stars Will & Zoey Klein are growing up fast.

Today, Zoey is 10 years old and Will is 12. There are many more changes ahead for the kids as they continue moving through school, trying new things, and making friends. Thanks to social media, fans will be able to keep up with the new things that the kiddos are doing.

In December, the family took a fun trip to Disney together. Will and Zoey posed for a cute picture, which she later posted on social media.

The Little Couple, Jen Arnold Instagram

Below, you can see a snap of Will on his “gotcha day.” This was posted in March in honor of him being adopted by Jen and Bill many years ago.

Jen Arnold Instagram, The Little Couple

In April, over spring break, the family visited St. Pete Beach, Florida. Below, you can see a photo Jen posted of Will and Zoey enjoying the beach and soaking up some sun together.

Jen Arnold Instagram, The Little Couple

In May, the family took a trip to the New England Aquarium in Boston. The kids seemed to love exploring. As you can see in the photo below, they’re both growing fast!

The Little Couple, Jen Arnold Instagram

The kids are growing up fast and seem healthy and happy these days!

So, can you believe how much Will and Zoey Klein have grown up? Do you miss seeing them on TLC’s The Little Couple? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the Arnold-Klein family.

Aubrey Chorpenning


    1. I have really really missed the Little Couple. They have showed the world no matter who you are or how small you are you can do anything in life. please come back to TV.

  1. I love the KLEINS!! I really miss watching the show. I’m sure it adds to the stress of the family to be filming it. I wish BILL& JEN & WILL & ZOEY all the best! They are a wonderful family! We miss you guys!!!❤

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