’Jeopardy!‘ Production Teases Hosting Announcement Coming Soon

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After Jeopardy! host Mike Richards was removed in August 2021, the show is being steered under two temporary hosts. Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik have been hosting the show for almost one year now, and it’s high time the show gets a permanent one.

Producer Michael Davies Confirms The Arrival Of New Jeopardy! Host

The temporary hosts have done a great job creating a welcoming environment for participants and viewers alike. However, the show is in desperate need of a permanent name. Previous host Mike Richards lasted only 5 episodes before being ousted.

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This host-related uncertainty is soon to end, as revealed by Michael Davies, the executive producer of the series. The producer made this announcement on June 25 at the Daytime Emmys. This is where Jeopardy! picked up its brand new trophy for Outstanding Game Show. As per AV Club, the show has been a constant winner for the past 3 years and has won seven times out of the ten nominations.

Michael Hints At More Variations Of The Game Show

As he confirmed the arrival of a new host, the producer didn’t refrain from mentioning Mike’s situation. He mentioned that those months at the Jeopardy! office were dubbed awkward. However, the game show kept running at its usual pace, which showed the audience’s love and passion.

After name-checking the game show’s big winners during the period, he addressed the hosting situation. The father of 4 also mentioned that they have plans to make the hosting announcement pretty soon. He said that the team is all set to come up with more variations of the game show to address a wider scale of audience.

The game show producer also mentioned that the show would require multiple hosts to cater to the needs of its audience. However, it isn’t confirmed whether these expansion plans would involve Mayim Bialik & Ken Jennings as hosts in future.

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No confirmation has yet been received as to who would be the new host for Jeopardy!

Cryptic Tweet Suggests Buzzy Cohen’s Return As Jeopardy! Host

Some observant fans think that a tweet by former guest host Buzzy Cohen might be a hint of his return as the game show’s permanent host. Earlier this month, a Twitter account by the name @BuzzerBlog talked about the show’s current guest host Mayim Bialik.

The blogger stated that he is prepared to be wrong, but he isn’t ready to believe that Mayim hosting the primetime Jeopardy! is still a thing. He also added if the host was dubbed to be permanent, there would have been several press releases talking about her by now.

To this, the former guest host replied, and this is what led to the speculations. Cohen responded to the original tweet with a Star Wars Yoda GIF, saying there is another. With this tweet, several fans now claim that Cohen is set to be the permanent host for the game show. Only time will tell who is the new and permanent face of Jeopardy!

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