Buckhead Shore’ Chelsea Prescott Got UTI From Parker Lipman’s Dog?

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MTV’s Jersey Shore’s highly anticipated spinoff Buckhead Shore finally premiered on June 23. And the show wasted no time hooking the audience with the shenanigans and drama. The reality show revolves around nine youngsters from Beverly Hills’ Atlanta, also known as Buckhead Shore.

The cast snuck to Parker Lipman’s lake house to enjoy a wild and fun summer with so much for the fans to see and enjoy. However, this relaxing getaway accelerated into a painful ordeal for Chelsea Prescott, a cast member. The model accidentally managed to get infected with UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) after just one night spent at the lake house.

Chelsea Prescott Blames Host’s Dog Babe For UTI Infection

If you were wondering how the reality personality managed to get infected in less than 24 hours at the lake house, the host’s dog is to be blamed. While we absolutely adore dogs, the host’s adorable dog Babe, who is a golden retriever, might be why the cast member is stuck with the infection.

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As the cast members arrived at the lake house, they jumped into the hot tub to have a fun time. When the host, Parker, saw Katie Canham, his ex, in the hot tub, he decided to jump out and avoid any awkward situation. To ensure that his friends still had fun in the hot tub, the host dropped his pet Babe into the water.

Although the pooch was inside the tub for a couple of minutes, it was enough for any infection to spread. In the morning, Chelsea woke up complaining of a UTI infection. She went on to accuse Babe of being the reason for the infection. But can dogs really give you a UTI infection?

UTI From Dogs: Is It Possible?

As weird as it might sound, the truth is, you can surely get a UTI infection from your pets. As per experts, the spread of E.coli strain-based infection among pets and humans within a close area can lead to UTI infections. It is also a common occurrence.

An experiment conducted at the University of Minnesota probed into the E.coli strains that infect both pets and animals. They marked 48 dogs, 152 humans, 26 cats, & 2 other animal species that tested positive for E.coli. Among them, five humans were diagnosed with acute UTIs, as reported by Meaww.

So, it seems like Chelsea’s claims might hold some truth after all.

Twitter Users Ridicule Chelsea’s Wild Claims

However, Twitter users didn’t really believe the reality contestant on her story about the UTI infection. A user tweeted asking whether the new crew was dumber than the original Jersey Shore crew. He questioned the idea of catching a UTI from a pooch hopping into the tub for mere 10 seconds. Another asked how she got infected on the very first night. A third commented that he learned something new about dogs giving humans UTI infections.

Buckhead Shore Twitter

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Are you ready for some more drama with Buckhead Shore? Do not forget to watch the show every Thursday on MTV!

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