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Kim Kardashian Takes ‘Crotch’ Advice From Sister Khloe?

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Even designer clothes do have some flaws. Constructive criticism by her sister Khloe Kardashian motivated Kim to introduce some major changes to the Skims bodysuit. The 37-year-old voiced her concerns stating that the clothing line had a major design flaw.

Kim Kardashian Introduces New Changes To Skims Bodysuit

Kim, on her IG stories, revealed on Thursday that she is introducing more fabric to the bodysuit’s crotch area. This is the part where the bodysuit’s buttons are present. She also tagged Khloe and stated that it was her lucky day. The video showed different types of Skims bodysuits spread on the floor.

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The mother of four mentioned that she was at a design meeting for the clothing line & plans to side the lower area of the shapewear bodysuit, especially after Khloe’s request. The statement was followed by a winking emoji & hashtag ‘#TheKhloeKut’.

Apart from the on-screen text, Kim explained the new addition in the clip as well. She said that Khloe would be proud of this new change. She mentioned that they decided in the meeting to make the bodysuit’s crotch part wider.

Khloe Reveals That The Bodysuit’s Crotch Area Is ‘Too Small’

As per InTouch Weekly, the Skims owner also stated that the team had acquired extensive feedback from their customers before introducing any changes. During the video, the 41-year-old also zoomed in on sections of the Skims bodysuit that were being reconstructed, stating that this was just for her sister, Khloe.

Kim Kardashian revealed that the design change came after her sister Khloe Kardashian complained of the crotch area in the bodysuit being too small. On the season premiere of the Hulu show The Kardashians, Khloe conversed with Kourtney and Kim about the new bodysuit.

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She said how her sisters made fun of her v*gina being bigger than other women’s. The reality star added that the bodysuit design by Kim lacks enough fabric to properly cover her nether regions. She also added that she didn’t want her crotch to hang out from the sides as she wore the Skims bodysuit.

Skims Criticized By Fans For Design Flaws

This isn’t the first time the business mogul’s shapewear line has been questioned. Previously, fans criticized Skims for introducing a bodysuit line with chaps. Although they are meant to protect one’s legs from chaffing, fans didn’t necessarily understand its real purpose in a bodysuit.

A fan said that it is difficult to understand the functionality of a feature like this. Another mentioned that the add-on feature was sure pretty but what was the purpose of this. Some users did manage to guess the use case by calling it a shaper that conceals hip dips. Apart from this, the Skims brand has also been scrutinized for the name that the reality star previously intended to use. Kim planned ongoing with the Japanese word Kimono for her brand. However, she finally landed on Skims as the go-to name.

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