Katie Thurston & John Hersey Reunite Following Breakup

Katie Thurston (A woman with brown hair in a lagre brown hat) and John Hersey (a man in a blue shirt holding a grey dog)

Bachelorette alums Katie Thurston and John Hersey reunite following breakup. What’s going on with the reality TV stars? Keep reading for all the details.

Bachelorette star splits from Season 17 suitor

The summer of 2022 has not been kind to Bachelor Nation couples. Season 18 Bachelorette Michelle Young ended her engagement to Nayte Olukoya after less than a year.

Days later, Katie Thurston fueled rumors of a split with boyfriend John Hersey with a cryptic post on her Instagram.

“Statement: no we aren’t together,” the post said.

John Hersey, who was a contestant on her season of The Bachelorette confirmed the split hours later, “As Katie stated earlier, we are no longer dating.”

Days later, the two were spotted hanging out together in San Diego, California. What’s going on?

Katie Thurston & John Hersey reunite following breakup

Before their romantic relationship blossomed, Katie Thurston & John Hersey were close friends. He was one of the early eliminations of her season, but they formed a friendship after the show.

When Thurston’s engagement to Blake Moynes ended, she announced her new romance with John Hersey.

A woman in a red dress (Katie Thurston) looking at a man in a black suit (John Hersey)
Katie Thurston and John Hersey/Credit: John Hersey Instagram

However, that didn’t last long either. They broke up less than a year after confirming their relationship.

But it seems Katie and John are still close friends.

Hersey took to his Instagram over the weekend to share a group photo. He and some other Bachelor Nation alums, including Katie, went to the San Diego County Fair. 

Bachelor contestant Tammy Ly was in the group photo.

Nothin’ like riding the Zipper to remind you how much you value your own life,” Hersey captioned the photo.

A group photo with two women and four men
Katie Thurston, John Hersey, and friends/Credit: John Hersey Instagram

Several of his followers inquired about Katie being in the photo.

Cool u and Katie still hangout,” one person wrote.

Another wrote, “How do y’all still hang out after breaking up?!? I don’t get it.”

One fan praised the former couple. “This is what a healthy relationship/friendship/break up should be! Thank you for being a prime example of how two adults should act,” they wrote.

He didn’t seem to respond to any questions involving his ex.

Her Instagram post from the same day

Katie Thurston shared a video clip from the same fair. However, her Instagram post made no mention of John Hersey.

Rather, she shared a clip on an amusement park ride with Tammy Ly.

I dedicate this summer to myself,” the Bachelorette alum wrote.

Two women (Katie Thurston and Tammy Ly) on a ferris wheel
Katie Thurston and Tammy Ly/Credit: Katie Thurston Instagram

Are you surprised that Katie Thurston and John Hersey still hang out? Is it unusual to remain friends with an ex? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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