John Hersey Speaks Out Following Katie Thurston Split

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John Hersey speaks out about split following Katie Thurston’s cryptic Instagram post. What did the Bachelorette alum say about the relationship? Keep reading for all the latest details.

Katie Thurston sparks breakup rumors

Late Monday night (June 21, 2022,) Katie Thurston took to her Instagram Stories to share a cryptic post. On an all-black background, the stark white font simply said, “Statement: no we aren’t together.”

The post didn’t have any context but fans sussed out that it was likely about her relationship with John Hersey.

Thurston’s friendship with her former suitor sparked into romance after her engagement to Blake Moynes ended. However, the quick turnaround caused major speculation that the two romances overlapped at some point.

Katie Thurston and Blake Moynes split in October of 2021. A month later, she went Instagram official with John Hersey. The two quickly moved in together.

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John Hersey and Katie Thurston/Credit: Katie Thurston Instagram

However, both Katie and John deny the cheating allegations. Blake Moynes remains skeptical, publicly saying he thinks emotional cheating was going on, at the very least.

Katie Thurston’s cryptic post comes amid fan speculation that the relationship was over. The Bachelor Nation star’s Instagram following noted that John Hersey wasn’t in very many of Thurston’s recent posts.

She took a month-long social media break, which further fueled the breakup rumors.

So, did they break up? John Hersey confirmed the split on his own Instagram. What did he say?

John Hersey speaks out following split

John Hersey and Katie Thurston’s romance sparked fast and furious, with Thurston saying at one point that he was “the one” for her.

However, the romance seems to have fizzled just as quickly as it started. After less than a year of dating, John Hersey confirmed that Katie’s cryptic post was about their relationship.

“As Katie stated earlier, we are no longer dating,” he wrote on his Instagram Stories.

“I love being able to share special moments with you all — the funny ones. The happy ones. The outrageous, embarrassing, and heartfelt ones. But I don’t know if it will ever get easier to share the sad ones,” he said.

John Hersey shared that that decision was a difficult one. “This decision was not made lightly, and it was obviously not an easy one to make.”

He went on to let his followers know that he “appreciate[s] every one of you.”

Credit: Katie Thurston Instagram/Credit: John Hersey Instagram

John and Katie have yet to wipe their respective Instagrams clean of photos from their time together.

Are you surprised that Katie Thurston and John Hersey split already? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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