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Lifetime’s ‘Trapped With My Husband’ Part Of LMN’s Unhappily Ever After

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LMN’s Unhappily Ever After continues with Lifetime’s Trapped With My Husband. This thriller stars Camille Stopps (Running With Violet, Galentine’s Day Nightmare), Jacob Richter (The Story Of Us, Valley Of The Boom), George Krissa (Road Trip Romance, Murdoch Mysteries), and Malube Uhindu (Five Days At Memorial, The Handmaid’s Tale).

Michael Perronne (Here Kills The Bride, Sleeping With My Student) wrote the script. Roxanne Boisvert (Love Triangle Nightmare, Don’t Sell My Baby) is the director.

Here is everything you need to know.

What Is Lifetime’s Trapped With My Husband About?

According to the Lifetime synopsis, Melissa (Stopps) is a successful fashion designer. She is on the way up! However, she realizes that her new hubby, Kevin (Richter) is not the man she thought he was.

When they met, she thought he was her Prince Charming. When they married, she believed she was living her dream happily ever after. However, she discovered that Kevin had no ambition. Moreover, he was a philanderer.

Now, Melissa decides it is time to move on. Next, she files for divorce. But, things soon get complicated. Kevin can legally stay in their home, which she paid for until their divorce is finalized. That is certainly not making her happy.

Therefore, when Kevin shows up dead, everyone looks at Melissa, who did her best to remove him from her life. But, she didn’t do it! Can she prove her innocence?

When Can You Watch Lifetime’s Trapped With My Husband?

Don’t miss the premiere of Lifetime’s Trapped With My Husband on Friday, June 24, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on LMN.

Framed By My Husband, used with Lifetime permission
Framed By My Husband, used with Lifetime permission

Don’t Miss Lifetime’s Framed By My Husband

At 6 p.m., right before Trapped With My Husband, is Framed By My Husband on LMN. This stars Christine Chatelain, Dan Payne, and Rebecca Roberts.

According to the Lifetime synopsis, June’s life is in a tailspin. An extortionist claims he sexually assaulted her. That is because he has targeted her wealthy husband, Rick.

However, things get very complicated. Rick says that this is a revenge plot. The extortionist has a different take. Because she doesn’t want these accusations to go public, she gives him whatever he wants. She wants to be free of this man.

But, a woman turns out dead. Moreover, June is the main suspect. Can she unravel this mystery before she is charged with murder?

Don’t Miss Betrayed By My Husband On LMN

After  Trapped With My Husband Is Lifetime’s Betrayed By My Husband airing at 10 p.m., Eastern. This movie stars Emmanuelle Vaugier, Cameron Bancroft, Kristen Harris, Michael Sirow, and Darren Wall.

According to the Lifetime synopsis, Gabrielle and her husband Parker had gone on a canoe trip that led to a disaster. Now, she is a widow and is inconsolable. However, she knows she must move on. Gabrielle has a small daughter, and she must try for her.

Therefore, when she is on a business trip, she thinks something is terribly wrong. That is because she thinks she sees Parker. Moreover, the events get even crazier. Her brother-in-law, Carson, is murdered. Now she is the number one suspect!

It turns out that Parker is conspiring with Carson’s widow to fake his death. Moreover, he plans on running off with his brother’s insurance money. Can Gabrielle prove her innocence and gather the evidence before becoming his next victim?

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