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Mama June: Time For The Family To Let Go?

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Mama June Shannon left a bad taste in her whole family’s mouth after ditching Alana at the airport to meet a man in Alabama. Suddenly, she reappeared, without an invitation, at Alana’s intimate sweet sixteen. There was too much tension and hurt between June and her children. Now it might be time to set mama free.

Mama June, Her Games Are Getting Old

It has been hard for Pumpkin as she has been the primary caretaker of her younger sister Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson since 2019. When June and her boyfriend Geno Doak got involved with drugs, Alana needed stability. That was when Pumpkin and her husband Josh Efird stepped in. Though they were newlyweds and had a brand new baby, they had no problem stepping up and taking in the teenager. During this time, June got arrested and went to rehab. She ended up getting sober, left Geno, and came back to be with her kids. Pumpkin was still frustrated that June missed the birth of her second child, Bentley. She also knew that June was not going to stay single for long as she was playing with men on social media.

Mama June- Pumpkin and Alana-YouTube
Mama June- Pumpkin and Alana-YouTube

June and Alana headed to California for a television appearance but June was only invested in her new friend, Jordan. She left Alana at the airport in Georgia to get home on her own as she headed to Alabama. There, she spent 50K on this new man who ended up getting engaged to someone else. At the same time, she fell for one of his friends, Justin Stroud, and brought him back to Georgia. Undesired and unwanted by her family, she showed up for Alana’s birthday with gifts but no one wanted her there. Josh cannot even be in the same room with her and it has come to the point that they might be ready to say goodbye to mama.

Time To Let Go

The Sun shared a clip from this week’s episode, which was also posted on Pumpkin’s Instagram. The two were in therapy and talking about the issues that they had with Mama June. Pumpkin confessed: “I’m happy, but I’m not happy.” The two were quite emotional as they talked about what had been transpiring but Josh has one solution. He knew it was time that they cut off her mother. Though Pumpkin has a soft spot for June, she just keeps letting her down.

Mama June-Pumpkin-YouTube
Mama June-Pumpkin-YouTube

Pumpkin is also seen with Alana, seemingly speaking to a lawyer about gaining s0le custody of the sixteen-year-old. In April of this year, a judge made that official with June paying $800/month in support. It is questionable if the family just needed to vent their frustrations or if they really will teach June a lesson. Find out when Mama June: Road to Redemption airs Fridays on WeTV.


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