Fans Reject Mama June, Embrace Pumpkin & Josh For New Show?

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Mama June Shannon is not currently a fan favorite. They find her to be selfish while only caring about herself. In fact, it has come to the point where viewers are questioning if the show should be revamped. Is it time to remove Mama June?

Mama June Takes Off, Pumpkin And Josh Hold Down The Fort

Since 2019, Pumpkin and her husband Josh Efird have been overly responsible. They were newlyweds with a little baby of their own when crisis struck. June was strung out on drugs with her boyfriend Geno Doak and got arrested. The next stop was rehab but what about her youngest daughter Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson? That was when Pumpkin stepped up and took guardianship of Alana. Not too long after, their other sister, Jessica came to live with them making it a full house. June started to get her stuff together but there was still a lot of broken trust. She finally broke away from Geno in the summer of 2021 but was MIA for the birth of Pumpkin’s second child, Bentley.


After that, it was just a series of her leaving for men and doing her own thing. In the upcoming episode, everyone discovers that June has exposed them all to Covid. There is only so much Pumpkin and Josh can take before they decide it is time to take matters into their own hands. In April of this year, Pumpkin was granted sole custody of Alana which was ultimately the teenager’s decision. The following month, Pumpkin gave birth to twins. Yes, June was there for the birth but took off for a vacation the following day and has been in Alabama with her new husband, Justin Stroud. At this point, fans are thinking it is time for Pumpkin and Josh to helm their own show.

A Spinoff?

Alana is dating but it is Josh and Pumpkin who are vetting her crush plus throwing her sixteenth birthday party. They want to keep her heart safe after what she has been through and fans are seeing this. That is why they are starting to feel a show based around them without Mama June is far more necessary. In a TikTok that June posted to her Instagram, followers had a lot to say about getting rid of her:

  • “Pumpkin and Josh should have their own show. Just be done with Mama June!”
  • “I really hope that this is the last season of your show. I would love to see pumpkin and Alana and Jessica get their own show.”
  • “I would love it if June was no longer on the show. And the focus was Pumpkin, Josh, Alanna and the babies”
  • “People only watch for pumpkin and the kids, we’re tired of your screw up’s June.”


Viewers love the way Pumpkin and Josh have stepped up and are truly over June’s antics. It appears a show about just the kids would be highly successful so maybe it is time to give it a go. What are your thoughts on that? Let us know and watch Mama June: Road to Redemption Fridays on WeTV.


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