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‘Sister Wives’ Fans Pinpoint Kody Brown’s Real Demon, What Is It?

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Sister Wives fans pondered if there was a better or different way for Kody Brown to have handled his situation. The TLC personality has openly admitted he’s no longer in love with Christine, Meri, and Janelle. Likewise, his son Paedon agreed that his father found his soul mate in Robyn.

During the Tell-All of the most recent season of Sister Wives, Kody Brown explained that because of his beliefs he can’t leave his wives. They, however, have the freedom to leave him. Fans believe he’s all but spelled out hoping Janelle and Meri will leave him so he can be exclusive with Robyn.

On Reddit, fans noted that his beliefs, however, do not stop him from being verbally abusive to his wives that he refuses to just leave. Furthermore down in the comments of this thread was when fans really dug into what Kody Brown’s real demon is. The real reason why his relationships aren’t working and his life is a mess.


Sister Wives fans pinpoint Kody Brown’s real demon

One fan noted the real demon Kody has is the way he views women. The individual notes that until Kody Brown embraces women as equal to men, he’s always going to be a warmed-up piece of garbage.

The individual penned: “Start seeing women as your equal. Nothing can progress until he does that work (which he won’t do I’m sure). IF he did he would realise the need for open communication with his wives and the ability to have hard conversations that will lead them all to living their best lives.”

Kody Brown - Sister Wives - Youtube
Kody – Sister Wives – Youtube

This Sister Wives fan continued to note that until Kody Brown stops trying to be the king of the castle his family will continue to be dysfunctional and toxic.

In response to the realization, other fans noted it was spot on and “well said.”

Should Janelle and Meri just leave him?

Many Sister Wives fans suspect Meri and Janelle aren’t really with Kody Brown anymore. They never post about him on social media. And, they only seem to come together long enough to film episodes of the show. Likewise, there have been plenty of anonymous sources that have come forward to insist Kody and Meri haven’t had a relationship in years.

Kody Brown
Kody – Sister Wives

Do you believe the way Kody Brown views woman plays a huge role in his inner demons? Could things be better for him and his family? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Kody and his family.

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  1. A marriage with no romance and sex but profit sharing it’s a partnership. I hope they all have equal investments and equal profit sharing.
    Which that said the “abandoned” wives should be “legally” free to move out and live their lives. Including finding love and romance with new partners. These are capable, smart, beautiful, outgoing women it should be a breeze.
    Meantime, Robin is a snake in the grass you can tell by the way she turned her kids against the other wives when they with their families went away for thanksgiving, if she can’t explain their motives, being emotionally and (sexually) “abandoned” by Kody, then she should advocate for them giving them any and every good excuse to keep them still loved by her family.
    Jody is a narcissist, vindictive man who’s probably can not sexually satisfied so many wives anymore, which it’s understandable, he really should settle with the most seemingly “docile” wife and live happily ever after, as he is doing.
    This opinion can and should be published to all.

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