‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ Fans Appalled At Nancy Demanding DNA Test

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I Love A Mama’s Boy fans were skeptical about the new season. It was enough that they had to see Matt McAdams and his mother Kelly again. However, their relationship was sidelined by the addition of Nancy and Roberto. She is so fixated on her disdain for her son’s wife Kristy that she is taking it to another level. Nancy has taken it to the point where she does not even believe one of his daughters is biologically his so she has asked for a DNA test. This has left fans appalled so they took to Reddit to express their disdain.

Robert And Nancy Join I Love A Mama’s Boy

Why does Nancy dislike Robert’s wife so much? This is pretty easy. He met his wife, Kristy at the gym as they trained pretty hardcore. When they first started dating, he was super nervous which she thought was really cute. Then she found out that she was pregnant so they eloped which broke Nancy’s heart. She wished she had been there to witness her son get married but she believes Kristy prevented that. Since then, they have not been able to find a happy medium whatsoever. In Nancy’s mind, she has always felt that Kristy trapped her son by getting pregnant.

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Robert is currently training for a huge MMA fight which could get him to the UFC. To assist him, Kristy is doing all of his meal prep. Nancy has decided to come by with a home-cooked meal that will not help him make weight. This infuriates Kristy because she sees how weak he is when it comes to his mother and how he cannot say no. Still, Kristy agrees to learn some of his favorite recipes from his mom, knowing Nancy’s other problem is control. She cannot control Kristy and that kills her. Yet Nancy is about to pull an extremely sick move that twists everything around.

Out Of Control

Robert and Kristy have two daughters but only one looks like him. That leads his mother to say he should consider a DNA test. He never thought she would sink that low but his brother was right there supporting her. Fans were so shocked by her even thinking to say that about her grandchild that a Reddit thread was immediately started.

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  • “Wow. She’s going to demand a DNA test for her own granddaughter on national tv? This woman is the most toxic pos on this show. This is just wrong.”
  • “If that guy had any respect for his wife, he’d shut his witch of a mom down and demand that she respect his wife or there will be no contact.”
  • “I wouldn’t let that old hag walk through my door ever again. Oh, and I’d cut her off from both grandkids.”
  • “She may be the worst mom yet on the show. A couple of the others are a little crazy, and all of them are annoying, but she is flat out evil.”
  • “This woman is a monster. I could never be the reason my son fights with his spouse, or questions the paternity of his child. This broad has no home training or conscience..”

It will be interesting to see if Robert gives into the DNA test or what Kristy’s reaction will be to hearing this. Do you think Nancy will get her way? Let us know in the comments and watch I Love A Mama’s Boy Sundays on TLC.


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