Khloe Kardashian Knew About Cheating Ex, Kris Jenner Proves It?

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Call it what you may, but women do have a strong intuition, and Khloe Kardashian might have just proved it! Kardashian fans have recently spotted a resurfaced post by Kris Jenner that proves that Khloe was aware of Tristan’s illicit affair with another woman.

Kris Jenner Pours Mommy Love On Khloe, Fans React

As per the social media detectives, Khloe had a hint of her ex cheating on her with Maralee Nichols. In October 2021, Kris shared several pictures of Khloe from the sets of SNL being hosted by Kim Kardashian. However, the proud mom poured love on Khloe with a long caption when the spotlight was being taken by Kim.

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This appreciation and love post featured about 400 words of praise and adoration for the reality star. She also described her daughter as generous and positive beyond words, as well as wonderful and encouraging. Last week, after the season finale of The Kardashians aired, Tristan Thompson’s cheating incident was revived by the show’s fans.

Kris Boosts Khloe Kardashian’s Morale With Long Appreciation Post

A fan reshared this post by Kris Jenner on social media, asking whether this lengthy post was a coincidence. The fan also enquired whether this post came out when they found out about Tristan cheating on Khloe. Before this, fans believed that the Kardashians came to know about the affair only after Tristan confirmed it while facing a lawsuit in December.

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While this might be a general consensus, others believe that this cryptic post’s timing could suggest something more. It could mean that this post was a move by Kris to boost Khloe’s morale. Another posted that this could be the reason the fans were confused about the post favoring Khloe while Kim was the highlight of the show.

A third fan discerned the presence of suspicious elements in mom Kris’s caption. A fourth suggested that it might have been a move to console Khloe after she learned of Tristan’s idiocy.

Khloe Kardashian Relives The Past

As per The Sun, Khloe was traumatized and devastated after she learned of Tristan’s adultery. The 37-year-old found out about Tristan’s child with Maralee via leaked court papers. A paternity test later confirmed him to be the baby boy’s father. This served as the last straw for the couple’s relationship.

Although Tristan publicly apologized for this unwelcome behavior in January, there was no coming back from what was done. The socialite also stated that she had to relive her past when she saw the episode on The Kardashians with the big revelation.

She also mentioned that the episode made her cry and scream once again. However, she did move on and stated in her recent Twitter post that everyone deserves forgiveness and love. The reality star also mentioned that Tristan is a great dad & a great guy. He is just not the right one for her!

Do you think Khloe and the Kardashians knew about Tristan’s affair before it went public?

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