Why Isn’t A New Episode Of ‘Unexpected’ On Tonight?


Sundays have been all about Unexpected the antics of Jason Korpi. Viewers have angrily yelled at their televisions, wishing Kylen Smith would finally break free from him. Yet why is there suddenly no new episode of the hit reality show on this evening?

No New Unexpected This Sunday, Why?

Last Sunday, part two of the tell-all aired. Jason declared he was going to give a closing statement but when he and Kylen returned to the stage, there were crickets. They felt that everyone was attacking their relationship so the floor was open for everyone to talk about relationships. Jenna praised Lilly and Lawrence but that did not suit Jason and Kylen. Therefore, they upped and exited but his father, Scott said they did a great job. He was very proud of them. Emersyn’s mother, Erica, and stepfather came face to face with Mason’s parents. Erica had a lot to say to and about his mother, Shannon. Shannon noted that if she was so concerned, she would have come and actually met her.


Jenna revealed that she had left Aden and was living on her own. She had never been happier but did compare him to Jason on crack. There was a lightness to her that no one had seen in a while and she had her friends again. Finally, Lilly and Lawrence shared that they do not sleep in the same bed. The kids sleep in their bed with Lilly but on the bright side, they were moving. Her parents decided to rent an apartment in a 55+ community. That way the kids could rent their home and have more space plus be closer to everyone and everything. So, what’s next?

When Will The Next Episode Air?

The Unexpected tell-all ended quite abruptly leaving fans wondering if there would be a part three. Sadly, Season 5 is over now and there is no telling when it will return. A few current cast members have been actively recruiting teens for what appears to be the upcoming season. Allegedly, Jason and Kylen have quit the series after fans called for him to get fired. So, what will take its place? Season 3 of I Love A Mama’s Boy will return Sunday nights.


Cast members from previous seasons coming back are Matt with his mama Kelly. Alongside them are Shekeb, his mom Laila, and his possible girlfriend, Emily. Three new mamas and their boys are joining the cast and anything can and will happen. Are you excited to watch? Let us know in the comments and watch it on TLC.

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