Todd Chrisley Gave Daughter Chloe Priceless Tools

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Todd Chrisley opened up about the priceless tools he gave to his daughter/granddaughter Chloe during a pretty difficult time in her life. The Chrisley Knows Best family is going through a pretty difficult time right now. News of Nanny Faye’s bladder cancer broke recently. And, Todd and Julie are currently on house arrest as they await their sentencing following a guilty verdict for bank fraud and tax evasion.

With all of this in mind, fans have had A LOT to say about this family. And, some of it hasn’t exactly been kind or supportive. In fact, there are some fans who believe they should do time behind bars. Likewise, there are some fans who believe their show should be canceled.

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Todd and Julie Chrisley have also gotten a lot of backlash over the years when it comes to their daughter/granddaughter, Chloe. One of the biggest complaints being the fact that they allow her to call them daddy and mommy. Some fans believe it is confusing and will create issues for her when she’s older. Todd, however, has shut down this backlash noting that Chloe is a smart girl and she can label him as her father if she wants to.

Despite the backlash, criticism, and current controversy surrounding the family, there is one thing fans who listen to Chrisley Confessions each week will agree. Todd and Julie are great parents to that beautiful little girl. During the most recent episode of the podcast, Todd opened up about some of the priceless tools he’s given to Chloe.

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Chloe Chrisley struggled to love who she was

Sadly, being a mixed child raised by white parents hasn’t been easy for Chloe Chrisley. Todd and Julie revealed her race has played a huge factor in where she goes to school. Turns out some private schools in Nashville just don’t have kids of color within the student body. And, it made Chloe an easy target for bullying.

Todd Chrisley explained to his followers that he’s spent a lot of time teaching his daughter to embrace her race. He told her that God kissed her twice when making her. And, she was created to be exactly how God envisioned her. Todd says it was difficult. But, Chloe has reached a point in her life where she embraces her skin color and her gorgeous natural curls.

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Do you agree that Todd and Julie Chrisley have done an incredible job raising this young lady? Let us know what you think in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest Chrisley news.

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  1. Personally l think they are great parents, in fact I have always thought that Todd was too strict and anyone can make a mistake , there are plenty of people that deserve to be in prison not this type of crime these people have children , a sick mom and they can pay for their crimes without being locked up and if they cancel their show then how are they going to repay what they owe. People are so petty the ones that want the show cancelled probably do not even watch it
    There are always jerks who try and kick you when you are down, shame on you , you just like to see people suffer.

  2. I love the relationship between Todd Julie and Chloe the way they treat her is just they treat Sassy. They give her great encouragement because I am sure it is not easy being a mixed child in a family of blondes, but they make no difference in her. Sassy adores Chloe spending so much time with her engaging her in all sorts of activities that can grow and expand her horizons as she gets older. I just wish people would be a little more kinder and considerate of this family considering the losses they have had lately. Nobody is perfect we do walk on water or do you

  3. They should have to pay for there crimes as anyone else would just because they are movie stars and have money does not make them different than anyone else if they get a slap on the hand and no prison time then our judicial system has failed us all these people are supposed to be so smart then they knew what they where doing and intentionally done it knowing they where breaking the law so yes put them under the jail and throw away the keys

  4. They are great parents ,why can’t we all be less judgemental.
    It’s my prayer .It’s my prayer for them to remain out of jail and gets a chance to pay off this debt. Their younger children needs them not to mention Todd’s mom.

  5. I’ve watched every episode!!! I don’t watch TV the only reason I own one is to watch their show. I have most of my family an friends watching it now as well. I don’t care who u are not a person in this world is perfect. we all make mistakes at some point. I believe if the world had more parents like Todd and Julie, it would be a much better place. That’s one of my favorite parts about the show is, it’s a family that stays together no matter what life throws at them. The good the bad an the ugly. It shows them living life on life’s terms even making mistakes an then it shows them fixing the mistakes an learning from them an trying to be a better person with better decisions everyday. An who are we to judge how many household is ran. We ours is not ran perfect. But perfect for us. They may not have it all together, But together they have it all. I think they r great leaders an hope to continue watching their shows.

  6. I love this show and whatever wrong they done it’s not our decision. It’s up to GOD. People need to learn to love before they holler Christian, people ugly ways are not CHRIST’like.

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