Jason Korpi & Kylen Delete ‘Pregnancy’ Announcement After Backlash?

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Jason Korpi and Kylen Smith shared a big pregnancy announcement the other day on their respective Instagram accounts. They posted a sonogram with Kylen’s name and June 2022 on it. Yet it now appears to have been removed from both profiles. Was backlash to blame?

Jason Korpi Monetizing Off Of Clickbait?

A short time ago, Jason and Kylen’s co-star Tiarra Boisseau shared how much the cast makes on the show. She said she made roughly 1K per episode she was in. Yet it is based on how long you have been on the series and what you were able to negotiate. After a rough season, Jason still believes that he is the most popular person in the series. His father, Scott echoes the sentiment and believes there would be no show without them. There is no word how much money he and Kylen made from their first season but she does have a joint CashApp set up for them. It is posted on her Instagram for anyone who wants to contribute.


Though they live with Jason’s parents, they still need money. In the finale, their son Xavier needed formula and Jason was demanding his mother go get some. She wanted him to pay so Kylen was explaining which brand was the cheapest. He was getting out his card when the idea of government assistance came up. It is unclear if they ever went down that road but it appears they are posting things for money. The other day, a sonogram was shared on their Instagram accounts. It appeared to be Kylen’s and no one would really have been surprised if they were expecting another baby. Yet, it was all a scam.

Do Not Click

As it turned out, the sonogram posted was a recycled one and the link was to an old article about a Teen Mom pregnancy. Every time someone clicked, the couple made money as did the site. Fans and followers were happy on the one hand that Jason Korpi was not going to be a dad again. On the other side of things, they were infuriated by what had just transpired. Many took to Reddit to express their feelings:

  • “yeah don’t click the link. if they have no engagement on their sm then companies won’t work with them, however i don’t understand how anyone is paying these people”
  • “Although many reality show cast end up posting things like this that are very much so clickbait… not sure I’ve seen them go as low as adding their own names and even a recent date to an ultrasound. It is incredibly distasteful and honestly disrespectful. Why would someone go that low? There are so many people who try and try to get pregnant. As if clickbait like this is not bad enough, why add your own name to this?? It’s gross. I hate them.”
  • “The clickbait is about catelynn and Tyler from teen mom having another baby…. Which is old news. kylen and Jason are selling clickbait now. it doesn’t get lower than that”


The comments just kept coming so, in the end, both removed the image. Goes to show that Jason is not as tough as he acts because if he was, he would have kept it up. Are you surprised that they were so quick to remove the image under pressure? Let us know in the comments below.




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  1. she needs to get out , get away from him. He acts like a 2 year old. He cant do anything without her and yest he is always saying she is a child , yeah ok

  2. I think its sickening the way that Kylen is treated by that punk she calls her baby daddy. He is disgusting and when she really grows up and looks back how embarassing for her and her son. The sad thing is that its all on video to live forever.
    If she was any kind of mother she would take her child and get the hell away from him!!!

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