Alana Thompson’s New ‘Dad’ Josh Embarrasses Her On 16th Birthday?

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Alana Thompson aka Honey Boo Boo just turned sixteen on Mama June: Road to Redemption. It was supposed to be the best day of her life. Yet there were so many obstacles that got in the way, one of them being Pumpkin’s husband Josh Efird. Did his surrogacy fatherhood embarrass Alana on her big day?

Alana Thompson, Growing Up And Living Her Life

This season has already been a struggle for Alana and her whole family. Mama June claimed she wanted to escape her toxic relationship with Geno Doak. Then, she went MIA right as Pumpkin was getting ready to give birth to her son, Bentley. June missed the delivery but popped back up after she left Doak for good. She made a bunch of promises to her other daughter Jessica, also living with Pumpkin and her family. June claimed that they were going to get a place to live and she was going to buy her a car. At the same time, Alana and June were recruited for The Masked Singer where things went horribly wrong. June was constantly on the phone with a man named Jordan who she claimed she was helping in recovery.


She ended up ruining the Cali trip and abandoning Alana at the airport when they got home to head to Alabama. June spent 50K on Jordan just for him to get engaged to another woman. While this was happening, Alana was preparing to turn sixteen but, because of the pandemic, could not have a big party. Pumpkin tried to make it special by inviting family, blowing up pics of her friends, and surprising her with her crush Dralin. Before that could happen, Mama made a guest appearance which everyone quickly squashed. Alana thought it would be the worst birthday yet until Dralin knocked on the door.

Papa Josh To The Rescue

Now that Alana Thompson is sixteen, she can finally date and it seems she has found the one in Dralin Carswell. Pumpkin found his number on Alana’s phone and met up with him. She let him know the rules and then secretly invited him to the birthday party as a sweet surprise. He showed up bearing flowers and jewelry for Alana. Per The Sun, Pumpkin’s husband Josh did not really put two and two together at first. He just assumed that it was Alana’s crush and then he saw the mutual connection. That was when he had to step up his Ninja game and let Dralin know what was up.


“There’s only a few things…She does live in our house, so the only thing I ask for is respect, honesty and to treat her really really good because she hadn’t had the best mother in the world to treat her like she’s supposed to been treated. If you don’t do all those things, man, I’m just going to break your neck, ok?” Josh finished it off by saying that as long as Dralin followed the rules, they would be okay. Though Alana looked a tad embarrassed by what had just happened, she was also grateful. Having not had a father figure for so long, it was cool to have him just step up and care like that.

What do you think of Josh jumping into papa mode? Let us know and watch Mama June: Road to Redemption Fridays on WeTV.

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