‘AGT’ Simon Cowell Terrifies Fans With Dangerous Stunt

'AGT' Simon Cowell Terrifies Fans With Dangerous Stunt [AGT | YouTube]

AGT judge Simon Cowell terrified fans with his risk-taking stunt. They think he put himself in “danger” after an act that went awry. The talent show competition returned just in time for the summer season. As fans already know, these death-defying stunts can go terribly wrong.

Sometimes, it can end a person’s career — or life. However, Simon was up to the challenge of doing something edgy. Both his fellow judges and the viewers at home were nervous when the British star got involved in a knife-throwing stunt. Simon stood in the center as two men threw knives in his direction.

Sofia Vergara & Simon Cowell [AGT | YouTube]
[AGT | YouTube]

Simon Cowell has a need for danger

In Tuesday’s episode of America’s Got Talent, Simon Cowell had a need for danger. He participated when brothers Tyrone and Michael Laner wanted someone to help them out. Their stage names are “Blade 2 Blade,” and their stunts are described as “very, very dangerous.” However, that didn’t deter Simon Cowell from wanting to help them out.

Judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Sofia Vergara were shocked as they wielded knives within inches of each other. The brothers wanted to add someone to the mix. Out came a model who spun around on a pole as she held two rubber shields in her hands. The brothers threw blades within inches of her body.

Simon Cowell Involved In Dangerous Stunt [AGT | YouTube]
[AGT | YouTube]
The hair-raising stunt gave everyone in the studio chills. Heidi had a feeling that the blade nearly hit the model. Thankfully, everyone was left unharmed. The brothers took it up a notch when Simon Cowell took them on their offer. He stood in the middle of them as they continued to throw knives for the grand finale.

The music manager must’ve second-guessed his decision. He appeared frantic as his co-judges wondered what he was thinking doing the wild stunt. Simon closed his eyes and gave a funny expression. He was probably saying his prayers.

AGT fans fear for his safety

Simon Cowell got a good scare out of the viewers at home. Most of them took to Twitter, where they talked about the stunt that could’ve gone horribly wrong. They’re glad that nothing happened to him. He’s already the type of man who loves to live life on the edge.

  • “I guess it’s safer than being on a bike.”
  • “Simon wanted danger, he got it.”
  • “Simon, what are you doing?”
  • “I cannot believe Simon did that!”

Simon Cowell got into a cycling accident in 2020. He broke three places in his back. The television personality enjoys getting involved with the acts in Season 17. However, there was one act that almost had him calling for an exorcism.

What are your thoughts on Simon Cowell doing that dangerous stunt? Did it shock you? Sound off below in the comment section.

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