‘RHOBH’ Diana Jenkins Confronts Prostitute Rumors Head On

Diana Jenkins tackled the prostitute rumors head-on. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills newbie didn’t waste time about the rumors that have been haunting her for over a decade. Also, fans have been waiting for this moment ever since Diana first appeared on the screen. For a long time, rumors allege that she’s a “madam of high-class prostitutes.”

It all stemmed from her infamous book, Room 23. In Wednesday’s episode of RHOBH, Diana addressed those rumors and how she feels about them. The philanthropist says she doesn’t want to speak of that nude coffee table book ever again. But it looks like it could draw interest after the latest episode.

Diana Jenkins Denies Rumors [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]

What is Room 23?

Room 23 is a coffee table book by Diana Jenkins herself. It features photos of young starlets and actresses in the buff while studly actors pose in suits. The photoshoot took place in 2008 in the penthouse suite in a hotel room in Beverly Hills, California known as “room 23.”

Diana Jenkins claims that she released the coffee table book to raise funds for charity. However, it sparked the prostitution rumors. The RHOBH newbie cemented her status in Hollywood due to her divorce from her financier ex-husband, philanthropic ventures, and her entrepreneurial pursuits. Suddenly, Diana became well-known in Tinseltown.

Diana Jenkins Tackles Prostitute Rumors [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]
She has many unlikely friends, including Paris Hilton, Hayden Panettiere, and Kim Kardashian. Some of those Hollywood A-listers were featured in her book. The photos feature sexy shots from Lindsay Lohan, George Clooney, and RHOBH co-star Lisa Rinna. While most of the photos are mild in taste, others were scantily clad and steamy in style.

The photos took place behind the hotel’s closed doors. The notorious book ignited the rumors that the philanthropist was actually a high-end madam who operated her own ring. She allegedly used the book to promote her high-profile clients and escorts. What also didn’t help is that the rumors resurfaced over the years. Diana has been photographed with the likes of Jeffrey Epstein at charity events.

Diana Jenkins tackles prostitute rumors

In the Wednesday, June 15 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Diana Jenkins called out the “ridiculous” that followed the publication of her book. The book came out in 2009. It all started during the ladies’ dinner in Mexico. Rinna was the one who brought up Diana’s book.

“It’s really sexy,” Erika Jayne said.

Diana Jenkins' Madam Rumors [Diana Jenkins | Instagram]
[Diana Jenkins | Instagram]
Blind rumor blog Crazy Days and Nights (CDAN) first published the rumors that Diana’s original intentions were more scandalous. She used her Hollywood connections to become a madam. However, she claims that the rumors are untrue. She doesn’t want to mention her book ever again.

“I don’t particularly wanna talk about the book tonight because it took a lot of money, a lot of time to achieve what I did, but it backfired,” Diana Jenkins told her co-stars.

Per a 2012 Jezebel article, the book was alleged as “a catalog of clients and call girls.” Diana was accused of running a “secret call-girl ring.” A producer asked the Bravo star if the rumors had any truth to them.

“It’s so honestly ridiculous that I can’t even believe it actually could have caught on,” Diana Jenkins nervously laughed. “It’s very, very dangerous, all you need to do is leave a bunch of fake rumors and you can actually destroy somebody’s life. It was just a very painful time, but truth prevailed. Everybody knows now.”

Back at the Mexican dinner, Dorit Kemsley caught on to the fact that Diana didn’t want to talk about her book. Rinna kept quiet after that. Diana joined the RHOBH cast in Season 12 and has already gotten backlash over her wealth. Do you think there’s truth to the rumors? Sound off below in the comment section.

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