‘The Boys’ Will Feature A Musical-Themed Episode This Season

The Boys Season 3 is well underway. And this Friday, fans can expect a brand new episode with a bit of a twist.

The June 17 episode will feature a musical episode to break up the doom and gloom fans have seen so far.

This article will contain spoilers from the first four episodes of The Boys Season 3, so read at your own discretion.

Is there a hidden meaning behind the musical episode in The Boys?

When viewers last left Butcher and the rest of the boys, they just found Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) who had been locked away in a dungeon for all this time. Unfortunately, Soldier Boy sent a massive blast from his chest and severely wounded Kimiko — but for some reason, she can’t heal herself.

The boys rush her to the hospital as the episode ends. So what can viewers expect to happen next week?

The Boys/Instagram

Kimiko’s fate still isn’t immediately clear, but she’s definitely in the upcoming episode this Friday. The Boys’ official Instagram account posted a teaser revealing shots from the new episode. And it’s going to be a musical.

The Boys/Amazon Prime Video

Song and dance numbers are generally out of place in a dark show like The Boys. And this is exactly why fans think there is something else going on.

Throughout the season, fans watched Kimiko long to live out her childhood dreams. She’s more interested in roller coasters and amusement parks than slaughtering bad guys these days.

It’s entirely possible the musical numbers are all in her head as she loses consciousness on her way to the hospital. Images from the teaser show Kimiko and Frenchie dancing around the hospital with medical staff joining in in the background.

Otherwise, it’s just too out of character for The Boys.

What can fans expect to see from the Season 3 finale?

Fans are raving about Season 3 right now. But sadly, all great things must come to an end eventually. There are eight planned episodes this season and four are already out. Fans can expect to see the newest Season 3 episodes as follows:

  • Episode 5 — June 17
  • Episode 6 — June 24
  • Episode 7 — July 1
  • Episode 8 — July 8

There have been so many twists and turns already this season that it’s tough to say how Season 3 will wrap up. But the good news is that Amazon Prime Video already greenlit the series for a fourth season. Hopefully, there won’t be any cliffhangers, but fans will be able to continue the rest of the story when Season 4 comes out.

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