Has Chris Marek Finally Won ‘LPBW’ Fans Over?

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On Reddit and in fan groups on social media, there is a lot of hate for Chris Marek. For some reason, a lot of fans love to hate him. There are actually several fans who admit they don’t really understand why so many people dislike Chris Marek. But, he’s far from a fan favorite. There’s just something about him that fans don’t trust. Fans assume simply the fact that he isn’t Matt is something that sets fans off. Likewise, some fans just don’t care for Amy and that means they don’t care for Chris by extension.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek/Instagram
Amy Roloff and Chris Marek/Instagram



Has Chris Marek finally won fans over?

Likely comparing him to Matt, LPBW fans have been highly critical of Chris Marek. Many fans just don’t trust him. They worry he pursued Amy for her money. Others just don’t understand the attraction. It, however, is worth mentioning that Chris Marek does have a job. Dating and marrying Amy Roloff didn’t result in him quitting his job and living off her money.

Last week’s episode included Jackson Roloff spending the night with Chris and Amy. Chris Marek admits Jackson and Ember spend the night all the time. But, he is usually working or off doing things in another room while they play with Mimi (Amy).

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For some reason, this time was different. Chris was excited to have Jackson stay the night. He explained that he never had children of his own. So, getting to spend time with Amy’s big family fills his heart in a way nothing else has ever done. Chris Marek tells the cameras he went out of his way to find things to do with Jackson because he hoped to bond with him while he was there.

As LPBW fans know, Jackson and Cha Cha are very close. Jackson is always quick to embrace her and brings her up frequently. He doesn’t mention Chris nearly as often and it appeared as if Chris was looking to change that.

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LPBW fans praised his attempt

On Reddit, many LPBW fans admitted this was a turning point for their feelings about Chris Marek. The efforts he put into bonding with Jackson made a lot of fans reconsider their thoughts on Chris. They were finally ready to embrace him.

Do you believe Chris Marek has finally won fans over? Why do you think some LPBW fans just don’t like the guy? Let us know in the comments.

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