‘Emily In Paris’ Season 3 Starts Production, ‘SATC’ Alum May Appear

Emily In Paris-https://www.instagram.com/p/CedUUcaoqz9/

Fans of Netflix’s hit series Emily In Paris are gearing up. Since the beginning of June, Lily Collins and Ashley Park have already gone to social media, sharing selfies from the City of Light.

Also, there may be some additional news on the casting front. One star has been upgraded to series regular, while a star from another Darren Star production may also make an appearance.

What is the latest news? Moreover, when will the series start filming? Note that there are some spoilers if you have not completed Season 2.

Emily In paris S3-https://www.instagram.com/p/CeRn4MwufY4/
Emily In paris S3-https://www.instagram.com/p/CeRn4MwufY4/

Has Emily In Paris Started Filming Season 3?

Since the beginning of June, Emily In Paris stars Lily Collins and Ashley Park have shared photos on social media from Paris. Were they easing into production? Were they filming?

However, it was just earlier this week that Ashely posted on Instagram when they actually started filming.

a little late, but thank you for all the beautiful birthday wishes. First day of filming Season 3 was the best way to kick off this next year around the sun 🙂

Thanks to Lily’s Instagram post, we know Ashley’s birthday date. It was on June 6. On that day, she wrote a fun pun to celebrate her co-star and pal.

Happy birthday to my scene soul-sister and partner in crime. You make every moment more bearable (sorry, had to!…) and certainly far more hilarious. Life wouldn’t be the same without your friendship, energy and smile. I couldn’t be prouder of your growth, your journey. You constantly inspire me and all of those around you every single day. Eternally grateful for you and to get to celebrate together today. You’re truly one of a kind and I’m honored to be part of your life. Love you so so so much…

Lily’s husband, Charlie McDowell also added a rather fun little tidbit. He wrote, “@ashleyparklady When this photo was taken lily came up with the bearable pun and saved it for your birthday post. I guarantee it.”

This is the essence of why fans are crazy about this Netflix series. It is frothy fun. Moreover, it is romantic. Emily (Collins) was not able to tell Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) about her feelings now that Camille (Camille Razat) has moved in with him, just a floor down, what is next for the affable heroine of this series?

Lily and Lucien-https://www.instagram.com/p/CXyPJApoepW/
Lily and Lucien-https://www.instagram.com/p/CXyPJApoepW/

Recurring Star Upgraded To Regular For Season 3

The biggest news for Emily In Paris Season 3 is that Lucien Laviscount will be back as Alfie, but as a season regular.

Alfie has to go back to London. Can Emily and Alfie make a long-distance romance work? Will we see Emily in London too?

Could SATC Star Join Emily In Paris?

The biggest rumor for this season is whether Emily In Paris creator Darren Star will bring in Sex and The City star Kim Cattrall?

Recently, former cast mates Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker have been publicly sparring. Also, Star is not directly involved in HBO Max’s Just Like That.

Now, fans of both of Star’s shows want to see Cattrall show up in Emily In Paris as Samantha Jones. Jones is in London, a Chunnel away from Emily. Moreover, they are both in the PR field of work.

However, Star doesn’t want these two universes merging. He told Variety, “I’m not a fan of crossovers…It’s two different universes.”

But, Star is still open to the idea of bringing the popular actress on. In another Variety interview, he said, “I would love to have Kim come onto Emily in Paris as a guest star. I would love to find something nice and juicy for her to do.”

Netflix has renewed Emily In Paris for Season 3, and Season 4. There is plenty of opportunities for Star to create a great appearance for the talented Kim Cattrall, and perhaps some other surprises.

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