‘Unexpected’ Lilly Bennett Shares Status With Kylen, ‘Hopes’ For Co-Star

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At the Season 5 Unexpected tell-all, the girls were desperately trying to get through to Kylen Smith. Her co-star Lilly Bennett said she could relate to what she was going through. So where do the two currently stand? Lilly shared that in an ‘ask me a question’ session.

Lilly’s Unexpected Happiness

When Lilly returned in Season 4, she was expecting for the second time. However, she was in a much more positive space with her boyfriend Lawrence. They were getting ready for the birth of their baby boy while she was raising her daughter Aaliyah. Right before she went into labor, Lawrence got down on one knee and popped the question. Then, his namesake came into the world and it was a beautiful moment. The following season, they underwent another huge life change. After living under her mother’s roof forever, Lilly and Lawrence were approved for an apartment. It was such a big deal but such a transition. For Lilly, she was not used to being completely independent. Lawrence would come home from work and be upset that the home was a mess.


For Lilly, she believed that being a stay-at-home mother was far harder than any job a man could have. She was constantly running around, cooking, and chasing kids. They could barely get along yet they were still planning on getting married. In the season finale, they found a great venue within their budget but ultimately decided to wait. At the tell-all, it was revealed that they were going to be taking over her parents’ home. They would be moving into a 55+ living community and everything would be easier and more accessible for everyone. Now that Lilly has moved in, she took the time to answer some questions including ones about Kylen.

Friends Or No-Go?

Unexpected viewers saw the way Kylen was treated by her baby daddy, Jason Korpi. They were extremely concerned and many wanted him fired from the series. The girls of the series were also very worried about her but when they expressed that at the tell-all, Jason and Kylen got up and walked out. They claimed that they felt attacked and ganged up on. Jason told the cast he was the most popular one and his father, Scott agreed they were the reason for the show. Jenna Ronan and Lilly felt Kylen was scared of him as was his family. Even her family appeared to not know what to say or do.


Lilly did an ‘ask me a question’ Instagram story segment. When asked if she had spoken to Kylen since the tell-all, Lilly shared that she has not even tried. She admitted that she thinks Kylen feels she does not like her or that she was attempting to attack her. That was not the case so she has just left it alone since the tell-all. As for what Lilly hopes for her co-star, she wishes Kylen and Xavier nothing but the best. More so, she hopes Kylen can be free someday. That will most likely take a lot of time but it is probably what many fans wish for her.

What do you think of what Lilly had to say? Do you think she should try to reach out or is it just a waste of time? Let us know in the comments.



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  1. i think all the girls would love to be able to talk to kaylan but jason wont alow it .she cant even see her own parents he said there is no reason for her to see them.who tells their wife that? she needs friends she sticks up for him because if she dosent he takes it out on her like we saw back stage .i see me when i was a young wife many years ago i had no where to go so kept trying to make it work like she is i also stuckup for him i left after15 years and remarried 29 years ago to a good man and i wish that for kaylan

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