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Fans Discover Real Reason Jeremy Vuolo Married Jinger?

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Duggar fans are curious about why Jeremy Vuolo chose to court and marry Jinger out of all of her sisters. Fans have learned more about how the couple’s relationship began. Have they discovered why Jeremy and Jinger ended up together?

Jinger and Jeremy have been married since November 5, 2016. In July 2018, they welcomed their first child, Felicity Nicole, to the world. They sadly had a miscarriage about a year later. Then, in November 2020, their second daughter, Evangeline Jo, was born.

After the pair tied the knot, they moved to Laredo, Texas together. Then, shortly after, they relocated to Los Angeles, California, which is where they still live today. Jeremy Vuolo has been attending the Master’s Seminary there.

Jeremy Vuolo Instagram

But how did Jinger and Jeremy’s relationship begin? Fans have discovered some interesting details about their courtship and marriage and may have discovered why this pair ended up together.

Fans Discover Real Reason Jeremy Vuolo Married Jinger?

On Reddit, Duggar fans and critics are discussing the couple’s relationship and how it all began. One Reddit user explains that they are reading the couple’s book right now and have learned a thing or two about Jinger and Jeremy already.

They wrote, “I noticed something interesting. Ben didn’t immediately recommend Jinger specifically to Jeremy, he just said that he had ‘great sisters-in-law’. So why didn’t Jeremy go for Jana? They’re closer to each other’s age (he’s like 2 years older than her), rather than Jinger?”

Now, fans are speculating about why Jeremy Vuolo chose to court and eventually marry Jinger instead of one of her sisters.

Many agree that it’s likely because Jessa Seewald is particularly close to Jinger. And because Ben and Jessa set up Jinger and Jeremy, this would make sense.

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Other theories are swirling, however. One critic says, “It wouldn’t be shocking to find out that Jana is not fun to be around.. lol.”

Several fans think that it could have been due to their different personalities. Maybe Jinger and Jeremy got along well, so that’s why they pursued each other.

Another speculates, “Jeremy wanted someone meek… jana does not fit that description lol.”

So, do you have an idea about why Jeremy Vuolo was interested in Jinger over any of her sisters? Do you think it was because she is closest to Jessa Seewald? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family news.

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  1. Good grief. He was probably attracted to her and the chemistry was there for both of them. Why do others get married? They have a good marraige and are happy. Leave them alone.

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