‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Fans Baffled By Tammy Slaton’s TikTok Return

Tammy Slaton from TLC

After several months of silence, 1000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton is back on TikTok. But why now?

Many fans thought she might be staying silent due to an NDA with TLC. Rumor has it that she qualified for bariatric surgery and will get the procedure this month. So it would make sense if the network silenced her.

But why is she back on TikTok now? Keep reading to see what fans think about the situation.

Is Tammy Slaton’s need for attention driving her return?

Tammy Slaton has always been very active on social media. And that’s why her fans and followers were very surprised when she just vanished.

Rumors about her death started to circulate, but her younger sister Amy put those rumors to bet. Amy alleged that TikTok banned Tammy from the platform and she got locked out of her Instagram account.

But not all fans were buying that excuse. The rumors about the NDA with TLC began to swirl around.

Tammy Slaton from TLC
Tammy Slaton/TLC

Some Reddit users believe that Tammy is back on TikTok now for one simple reason — the TLC star thrives on attention. When 1000-Lb. Sisters isn’t airing new episodes, Tammy keeps in touch with fans on social media. The show is currently on break and Tammy has been silent online. So she’s really not getting the levels of attention that she’s grown accustomed to.

And Tammy has definitely managed to get attention. It appears that she is back with her ex, Phillip Redmond. He posted a video of the pair making out on his TikTok channel. Viewers definitely had opinions about that.

Will the TLC star ever be able to get rid of her trach?

Since Tammy Slaton entered rehab, she’s been on a trach. It’s probably pretty uncomfortable and fans wouldn’t be surprised to learn if Tammy wanted to get rid of it. But as Reddit users noted, a trach can be incredibly hard to get rid of once a person is on it.

Some Reddit users noted that it might be possible for Tammy to leave the trach behind if she receives bariatric surgery. But that’s just something everyone will have to wait on and see.

Fans really hope that 1000-Lb. Sisters will return for a fourth season so they can see how Tammy is getting on these days. Hopefully, she’s taking the right steps to take charge of her health and be in the best possible shape. TLC hasn’t renewed the show for a new season yet, but fans are patiently waiting for news of Season 4.

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