‘Sister Wives’: Is Kody Brown Starved For Attention?

Throughout the years, Sister Wives viewers realized that Kody Brown really loves attention. The man has four wives and 18 children — so there’s always someone that needs him. In some episodes, figures from Kody’s past even said that he was always doing things to get other people to notice him.

But what would Kody do if he didn’t have such a large family? Reddit users recently discussed this very question. Keep reading to see what they said.

Kody Brown loves attention — but what would he do without his massive family?

Reddit users generally don’t hold back when it comes to Kody Brown. And once again, users really dug into the Brown family patriarch in a new thread.

“Kody needs attention desperately,” the original Reddit poster said. “What would he do to stand out in life/society if he wasn’t a polygamist?”

Sister Wives/TLC

Of course, other Reddit users agreed that Kody Brown is always hungry for attention.

“If he wasn’t a polygamist, he might be that sweaty old guy in clubs dancing close behind young women on the dance floor,” one user joked.

But another user took a very serious take.

“This guy has uber-competitive kid’s baseball coach written all over him,” someone else added. “Having the players and the parents fear/worship him while he screams at them and quotes Bible verses seems to be his wheelhouse. He would love making [eight-year-olds] tryout and compete for his attention while complaining about how no one appreciates the job he does for free. Maybe the world is a better place with him being too busy damaging his own kids to have time to damage others.”

“This escalated quickly. 😂” another Reddit user directly replied to this comment.

Do you agree that Kody needs a lot of attention? What would he do if he wasn’t a polygamist? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments.

Is the family patriarch also a gaslighter?

Kody Brown may be an attention-seeker, but Reddit fans also believe that he gaslights his family members. Reddit users also tackled this idea in another recent thread.

Kody Brown from TLC
Kody Brown/TLC

One Reddit user admitted it was their first time watching through Sister Wives and had a few questions.

“So I’ve just started the season where they move the Flagstaff – haven’t watched any of it before but was intrigued after watching a fundie video,” OP wrote. “Is this whole season just Kody gaslighting the wives about his sh***y and inconsistent behaviour/decisions?! I came for the drama but this is just painful lol. I am so confused.”

“Is this whole entire show about Kodys gaslighting and sh***y behavior?” another viewer answered. “Yes, the answer is yes.”

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