‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown’s Real Reason For Pursuing A Career

When Sister Wives first aired on TLC, Janelle Brown made it abundantly clear that she was career-oriented. Her sister-wife Christine was the primary caretaker for the family’s children so Janelle could earn a paycheck. Meri also worked outside the home, but she never seemed quite as driven as Janelle.

But is Janelle Brown really so serious about her career path? Or was she just trying to get outside the house and take a break from having so many people in one family?

Keep reading to see what Reddit thinks.

Is it possible that Janelle Brown just needed a break from the household chaos?

The Sister Wives Reddit threads generally aren’t too kind to the Brown family. And this new take on Janelle Brown’s true reasons for pursuing a career outside the home is no exception.

Janelle Brown from TLC
Janelle Brown/TLC

“[Janelle] is/ was never career-oriented, she just didn’t want to be at home taking care of her or any other the other kids or doing housework. Working was an escape,” one Reddit user posted in a new thread.

“If she could have gotten away with sitting in a movie theater or park from 9-5 Mon-Fri, she woulda did it. I doubt her job required her to be there 12-13 hrs a day, especially if it’s salaried and she wouldn’t have been getting paid more if she stays longer,” OP continued. “She made sure she left just early enough where Logan could make breakfast and came home late enough to make sure homework, dinner, and dishes were done and blamed it on needing to stay at work. Too bad nobody thought like me and asked ‘Do you need to stay?’ ‘Do you get paid over time?'”

Most Reddit users really agreed with this hot take.

“Janelle likes to tell us who she is, rather than showing us,” another user replied. “She likes to tell us she’s logical, analytical, non-emotional, fitness guru, and a career woman. ALL of which give her plausible deniability for being disconnected, apathetic, and an opportunist who uses the other wives to raise her kids. Rule of thumb is if someone is constantly telling you who they are, they aren’t, because half the time they’re trying to convince themselves too.”

Janelle Brown/TLC

Do you agree with Reddit here? Leave your own thoughts about Janelle Brown’s true motives in the comments.

Other Reddit users point out some of the TLC personality’s flaws

Janelle Brown is definitely one of the more likable members of the Brown family. But this isn’t the first time Reddit users took a stab at her. In another thread, some Sister Wives fans wondered if she was the true villain of the family.

So what do you think about all of this? Leave your thoughts in the comments and keep the discussion going. See what others have to say about the situation.

If you want to keep up with Janelle Brown and the rest of the family, keep checking back with TV Shows Ace. There’s always more exciting information to share.

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  1. I believe Janelle worked so she didn’t have to put up with Kody the kids and the other wives. I believe she pushed herself into Meri and Kody’s life and made Meri miserable. I have never liked Janelle nor sobbing Robyn. Only Meri and Christine. That’s the two Kody should have picked and stayed with.

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