Is Janelle Brown The True ‘Sister Wives’ Villain?

Janelle Brown from TLC

There has never been a shortage of opinions when it comes to the Sister Wives page on Reddit. But a new thread proposes an interesting theory that not many have explored before — is Janelle Brown the real villain of the series?

Most Sister Wives fans would say that Kody or Robyn Brown is the show’s villain. But keep reading to see the case one Reddit user makes for Janelle claiming the title.

Reddit users claim that Janelle Brown shows her true colors as the series progresses

On Sister Wives, each wife has her own set of skills and strengths. From day one, Janelle Brown claimed the role of “businesswoman.” Throughout the show’s history, Janelle says she loves going to work and bringing home a paycheck to help provide for the family. But even so, she still isn’t able to win over some fans.

“Still on first watch – is it just me or does Janelle slowly show her true bitchy-ness?” one Reddit user asked. “In the earlier seasons I thought she was a crappy mother, choosing work … whilst making Christine raise her children. In spite of this, Janelle still seemed overall quite calm and generally good.”

However, the Reddit user claimed that Janelle soon showed her true colors.

Janelle Brown/Instagram

“Janelle made a big deal about mending fences with Meri, then it turned out that the issues stemmed from Janelle dating her husband in SECRET and trying to get married on Meri’s birthday. Let’s not forget constantly making backhanded comments about Meri’s fertility that, in their religion especially, is truly vile. Meri had reached out to her multiple times over the years and Janelle couldn’t care less. Then, when the tv cameras were there, suddenly Janelle wanted to go to therapy.”

The user goes on to say how two-faced Janelle appears to be in the most recent season. And it seems like some Reddit users actually agree with their points.

“I was wondering when someone was finally going to say this,” someone else added. “They are all petty, small minded people. If plural marriage is so great, why are they such miserable people?”

Do you agree? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Other Sister Wives viewers take issue with her MLM activities

Although Janelle Brown has always been a businesswoman, her latest entrepreneurial activities aren’t quite so popular. Right now, she sells Plexus products. But Plexus is an MLM company, which fans don’t believe has the best business practices. Furthermore, many fans believe that she uses her platform to influence people to buy Plexus — which is a little unsavory.

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