Christine & Janelle Brown Get Dragged For ‘Shilling’?

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It’s not all uncommon for members of the LDS faith to engage in multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. However, MLMs remain wildly unpopular with many people due to their business structures. One recent Reddit thread even called out Christine and Janelle Brown for their participation in Plexus, one of the bigger MLMs on the market today.

What exactly is Reddit saying about the Sister Wives stars? Keep reading to find out.

Christine and Janelle Brown sell Plexus products — but how safe are they?

Although many members of the LDS sell MLM products, Sister Wives fans don’t necessarily agree with the practice. Meri Brown sells LuLaRoe while Christine and Janelle sell Plexus.

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“I’m not going to lie I judged every single one of these women when I first started the show. However, Janelle & Christine won my heart just a few seasons in. But this bullshit is what’s going to [make] me boycott them. People die from liver failure all the time,” the original Reddit poster wrote.

The OP also uploaded a photo featuring an “unbiased review of Plexus” products. The review claims that Plexus products contain dangerous materials that can wreak havoc on a person’s body.

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Christine and Janelle Brown frequently promote Plexus products on their social media pages. Both women claim that the products really help with health and wellness. However, that might not be the entire truth.

“A ‘friend’ tried to convince me to try Plexus bc it apparently cures MS? HAHA!” another Reddit user commented. “I talked to my doctor about it and he made a very good point- with as much as Big Pharma is vilified, don’t you think they’d be selling it if it cured everything?? He also said if that person was really my friend they’d GIVE me the Plexus (if they were really my friend and if it cured MS)!”

It’s a touchy subject, but Christine and Janelle Brown don’t seem like they will stop selling Plexus anytime soon.

The Plexus hustle never stops for the Brown family

Janelle Brown even recently won a trip from her Plexus endeavors. According to the TLC personality, she won a trip to Portugal from the company. In fact, she even insisted on showcasing Plexus products while she was on vacation.

“When in Portugal….” Janelle began her Instagram post while she enjoyed the scenery in Portugal. “Yup, it’s true! I take these products wherever I go. Why? Because they work! I feel incredible, digestion is on point, energy, mental clarity and well let’s be honest, no one wants to gain weight on vacation and this helps with that too. If you haven’t tried these products, you’re missing out!!”

Do you agree with the Reddit thread? Or do you side with Christine and Janelle Brown? Make sure to leave your thoughts in the comments. Keep following TV Shows Ace for the latest information on the Sister Wives stars.

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