Crew Member Leaves ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’: Who Is It?

Crew Member Leaves Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Who Is It? [Bravo | YouTube]

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 was already a tense season. There was another love triangle. Or, you could call it a love pentagon. First officer Gary King was involved with Ashley Marti from the start of the season. He kissed many women along the way, including Daisy Kelliher, Gabriela Barragan, and Scarlett Bentley.

The show also had some explosive fights. In the last episode, Daisy stopped Gary and Scarlett from becoming a thing. Their flirting has gotten out of control — especially during working hours. Before Scarlett joined the Parsifal III crew, Gabriela quit mid-season because she felt like an outsider.

Her situation with chef Marcos Spaziani didn’t help matters. Now, another crew member revealed they’re leaving Below Deck Sailing Yacht ahead of the Season 3 reunion special. Read on to see who it is and to find out more.

Who Leaves Below Deck Sailing Yacht? [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]

Who’s leaving Below Deck Sailing Yacht?

Marcos announced he’s leaving Below Deck Sailing Yacht. The first person to leave the show during Season 3 was deckhand Tom Pearson, who was fired for the anchor dragging incident that occurred when he was on night watch. Tom was distracted by Ashley, who he hooked up with at the time. The two made out during night watch, which caused him to be careless when the winds picked up, causing the anchor to drag.

Gabriela was the next to go. She quit her job after she dealt with drama with a few of her crew members. Gabriela and Ashley feuded over their positions since the start of the charter season. She also argued with Marcos after they had a miscommunication problem.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 Cast [Down! With Jason | YouTube]
[Down! With Jason | YouTube]
Though Marcos was one of the steadiest crew members, he admitted that it was time for him to leave the show after one season. On Monday, June 1, the cool-headed chef took to Twitter to make the announcement. He shocked Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans with his news.

“I want to thank everyone for the big support and great comments. I never thought in my life I would bring so much inspiration to so many ppl and for that I’m very grateful and also blessed!” Marcos tweeted. “But I can’t go back to the next season.”

Per Decider, the chef runs his L.A.-based restaurant, ML Eats. Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans will miss him since he became a fan favorite. They loved his good looks, charm, and beautiful dishes. Marcos wowed fans in the last episode when he cooked food made with molecular gastronomy.

Details on the BDSY Season 3 reunion special

In an interview with The Daily Dish, Captain Glenn Shepherd teased the Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 reunion special. They will address the anchor dragging incident. Ashley will also be in the hot seat for her behavior, especially that night when she and Gary drunkenly hooked up. She’s been accused of sexual assault.

Some fans are curious to see how she will address that incident. Will you miss Chef Marcos on the show? Sound off below in the comment section.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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  1. Will miss Chef Marcos. Ashley should be fired. She is a child and can’t handle herself in a work situation.

  2. Mark goals will be sadly missed he makes the show Ashley should be fired for her actions as well I’m glad Gabriella left and she was mean to Marco’s she was very rude when he tried to be part of the team when they were out Ayesha needs to be a second stew she’s terrible as a chief stew

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