‘Young & Restless’ Fans OVER Victoria, Want Her Gone For Good?

'Young & Restless' Fans OVER Victoria, Want Her Gone For Good? [YouTube]

The Young & Restless fans are over Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle). In a recent episode of the CBS soap, she proclaimed her independence over her family. She shared that she’s cutting ties with Newman Enterprises. On the Tuesday, June 7, Victoria made a bold move as she chose her husband Ashland Locke (Robert Newman) over them.

Fans are not happy with Victoria. Even though she reclaimed her freedom, they still think she’s a wimp. Some called her “pathetic” for choosing Ashland over her family. Others have a feeling that she will leave the daytime soap and hope that she will be gone for good.

Young & Restless: Victoria Leaves Newman Enterprises [YouTube]

Young & Restless fans are sick of Victoria Newman

Earlier this week on Young & Restless, Victoria ushered an emergency meeting with her family. She told them that she was leaving her company, Newman Enterprises, as well as Genoa City. Victoria took Ashland back. She feels the only way to make her marriage work is to cut off her family forever.

Victoria and Ashland rekindled their love in a previous episode. She confessed to her husband that she chooses him. However, just leaving her company isn’t going to be enough. Victoria feels that she needs to leave town with Ashland so they can live their lives together.

Young & Restless: Victoria Chooses Ashland [YouTube]
According to her, this is the best way for the couple to have a fresh start. Young & Restless fans slammed the storyline and said they had enough of Victoria. They think she’s a welcome mat, especially when it comes to the men in her life. Others think she made the wrong choice by choosing Ashland. The outspoken fanbase took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

  • “Lord, they made Victoria stupid. I mean, I like her and Ashland but this is idiotic.”
  • “Victoria is so stupid, I can’t.”
  • “Victoria’s pathetic. Not Abby level but we’re getting there!”
  • “Victoria going to look like boo-boo the fool when everything comes crashing down regarding Ashland.”

Is Amelia Heinle leaving the show?

Some Young & Restless fans wonder if this means Amelia Heinle will be leaving the show. It was hinted that Ashland wasn’t meant to stay in Genoa City forever. If Victoria follows him out of town, this could see the end of her storyline. However, fans are not liking how this is turning out.

Victoria declared that she is leaving Genoa City. With this shocking twist, most Young & Restless fans are happy to see her go. Victoria has been the center of many storylines over the years. Most include shocking arrests and her ongoing feud with her family.

  • “Victoria’s leaving? Good. Bye.”
  • “Victoria just revealed to her family that she’s leaving the company and she’s leaving town for a fresh start!”
  • “What is different about Victoria leaving Newman this time that’s not like the last 40 times in the last decade?”

Victoria just learned that Ashland lied about his cancer diagnosis. He confessed that he deceived her for much of their marriage. Despite their marital troubles, Ashland saved Victoria from a fatal car accident. Her marriage to Ashland has been a major storyline on The Young & Restless.

Young & Restless: Victoria Newman Leaves? [YouTube]
In an interview with Soap Opera Digest, Heinle hinted about Victoria’s future on the show. What are your thoughts? Are you also over Victoria? Do you think she should leave town? Sound off below in the comment section.

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