Mama June Allegedly Ignoring Pumpkin’s Twins, Off With New Husband

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Mama June Shannon is a newlywed. So it would make perfect sense she wouldn’t have time for anything else but being in love. However, it is alleged that she has not spent much time with her daughter’s new twins. Yes, it is still up in the air whether or not Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird actually had these babies. In any case, it appears June is once again MIA and her kids are not happy about this.

Mama June, Where Are Thou?

Last July, Pumpkin gave birth to her second son, Bentley. Filming for the family show was going on so the camera caught June as she was MIA during this big moment. Pumpkin was really heartbroken since her mama had made such a big effort when her first daughter, Ella was born. She even had her eyes fixed so that she could see the little baby. This time around, there was no communication or contact. As it turned out, June finally had the strength to leave her longtime boyfriend Geno Doak. She was holed up in a hotel as she awaited his next court date when she could tell him it was over.


June reappeared at Pumpkin and her husband Josh’s home but was soon off to see a new man, Jordan. No one was surprised as they felt she always put men before her kids. This past March, she married Justin Stroud who she knew for a year but had only dated for about five months. The following month, she officially lost custody of her youngest daughter Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson. The teenager had been living with Pumpkin since 2019 as June was unfit to care for her. Finally, a judge granted Pumpkin sole custody of Alana with June paying child support. Then, there was something about twins that everyone is uncertain about but cannot stop addressing.

Help, She Needs Somebody

In April, sources confirmed to TMZ that Pumpkin was expecting twins. Her due date was said to be June 2021. Then, at the end of May, The Sun reported that the twins had born arrived early. There had been some mixed signals as to whether this news was true or not. Now, The Sun is sharing some more information on Mama June’s involvement with Pumpkin and her babies. Apparently, Pumpkin is not happy with her mother’s lack of involvement since she welcomed the twins.


According to a source: “June has not been by to see Pumpkin or the babies since they’ve been home. She hasn’t been to their house to check on her or try to help.” Yet someone close to June has claimed that she and Justin did visit Pumpkin and the babies right after they were born. Prior to the birth of the twins (still up in the air), Pumpkin had a lot on her plate. She is raising her teenage sister and had two small children. It would be helpful if her mother was around more but, at this point, it’s just predictable behavior.

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  1. Their dad completely erased them from his life,yet mom’s the one that gets blamed for not being perfect?That doesn’t seem fair.This narrative needs to stop,because taking care of families isn’t just women’s duties.At least she still talks to them ffs,unlike their dad!she’s not a nanny,it’s not her “duty”to take care of her adult children.

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