What Do ‘Sister Wives’ Fans Actually Like About The Parents?

Sister Wives from TLC

Fans of the popular TLC show Sister Wives have a wide variety of opinions. Most fans agree that they aren’t huge fans of the family patriarch Kody Brown. However, the opinions about the wives seem to vary from fan to fan.

But what do Sister Wives fans actually like about the Brown family parents? Keep reading to see what one Reddit thread covered.

Reddit users debate their favorite Sister Wives family moments

Sister Wives has been on TLC for 16 seasons. Over the past 12 years, fans watched the Brown family have a lot of ups and downs. There are many Reddit threads out there dedicated to the Brown family’s failures. But there’s quite a bit that viewers do like about the Brown family.

Sister Wives/TLC

There is a new thread entitled, Favorite Moments of the Brown Parents. The original poster laid out the following points about each of the adults in the family:

  • “Meri: her decision to divorce Kody to help Robyn’s kids be adopted; bonus: her obvious love for Robyn’s kiddos
  • Janelle: her consistent choice to be accepting and loving of her kids for who they are
  • Christine: her choice to leave Kody and be a queen about it in the Tell-All
  • Robyn: her support of Mariah coming out
  • Kody: him blaming himself for Meri’s ‘infidelity’ to Mariah (I know he’s awful, but I appreciate that he didn’t try to railroad Meri to Mariah)”

The user then asked others to share their favorite qualities about the Sister Wives cast.

“There’s a Christmas when hardly anyone is awake yet and Meri and Savanah run over to another house holding hands to wake up the other kids and it’s the cutest moment,” added one viewer.

“My favorite [Janelle] moment was in the last season when she tells Kody to f*** off 💀” wrote someone else.

So what do you like about the Sister Wives family? Be sure to leave your own opinions in the comments below.

But who is the true villain of the series?

Most Sister Wives fans generally say that Kody or Robyn is their least favorite castmate. But is it possible that Janelle Brown is the real villain of the series? One Reddit thread tackled this recently and it sparked a lot of different opinions.

“Still on first watch – is it just me or does Janelle slowly show her true b*tchy-ness?” one Reddit user asked. “In the earlier seasons I thought she was a crappy mother, choosing work … whilst making Christine raise her children. In spite of this, Janelle still seemed overall quite calm and generally good.”

But the OP goes on to say that Janelle really showed her true colors as time went on.

Janelle Brown/TLC

“I was wondering when someone was finally going to say this,” another user replied. “They are all petty, small minded people. If plural marriage is so great, why are they such miserable people?”

Don’t forget to share your opinions about the Browns in the comments below. Keep following TV Shows Ace online for more new on the Sister Wives family.

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