Mama June’s Daughter Pumpkin Broke Amidst Custody Battle


Mama June has fans infuriated after the most recent episode of Mama June: Road to Redemption. She left her youngest daughter, Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson behind at the airport in Georgia. At the time, Alana was just fifteen but June did this so she could head to Alabama for a man. Now it is even more clear why Pumpkin fought for custody of her younger sister. Yet her struggle to get there was harder than imagined.

Mama June Leaves Her Girls On Empty

When June met Geno Doak, she seemed to be really happy and in an okay place. Sadly that was short-lived and she was soon off doing her own thing. This included hard drugs and abandoning her youngest daughter, Alana. She ultimately went to go live with her older sister Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird and her husband Josh. They raised her the best that they could but it soon turned into a full house as they had a daughter, Ella. Plus, their sister, Jessica moved in, as well. June ended up getting arrested with Geno after running through all of her money and almost landing in jail.


Ultimately, she and Geno entered rehab, hoping to clean up their acts. All the while, Alana stayed in the custody of Pumpkin. This season, June decided she needed to break free from Geno. Their relationship had become too toxic and she needed to find a way out. Finally, she ended things with him in front of a courthouse. With nowhere to go, she headed to Pumpkin’s lavish new home as they had outgrown their old one. Pumpkin had just given birth to her first son, Bentley, an event her mama had missed. June just moved in and contributed nothing and when she and Alana went to California for The Masked Singer, it was a disaster. Luckily, a permanent change was about to be made in Pumpkin’s favor. Yet would it come too late?

Broke Is No Joke

In April, a judge granted Pumpkin sole custody of Alana. As of May 1st, Mama June had to start paying her daughter $800/month in child support. However, it appears this might be too little too late. According to The Sun, Pumpkin ran into some money troubles back in March. That was around the same time June was secretly marrying her boyfriend of five months, Justin Stroud. To clarify, Justin is not the same man June was going to see in Alabama in the latest episode of the series. Anyway, Pumpkin explained her financial woes: “I had the same problem with a charge for $650 on my card made my account negative and still have yet to figure out the problem!!! Don’t worry I’m about to switch banks.”


It is truly unfair that she had to go through this kind of drama when she is taking care of so much. Especially when she is managing a household of so many people. Pumpkin has noted that her sister Jessica did not help financially while June came and went as she pleased. There was nothing in the custody paperwork stating if June has to pay any back support. At this point, she and Alana are probably just happy they have a solid plan in place.

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