Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker Pregnant With Twins?


Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker have wanted to have a child together for a very long time. They have tried many methods and rumors have flown that Kourt is expecting. Now they are speculating the couple is actually having twins.

Kourtney Kardashian And Travis, Desperate For Baby

Though they had been friends for a long time, it took a while for Kourtney and Travis to finally hook up. She had been with ex-boyfriend Scott Disick for years. They had their struggles such as trust issues and he was a party boy but somehow, they always found their way back to each other. One reconciliation resulted in the pregnancy of their first child, son Mason. Two more kids followed but they realized they were better apart. She had another semi-serious relationship while Travis was married to Miss USA and actress Shanna Moakler. The two were married for two years and had two children together. It was a very combative relationship that lasted way past their divorce.


Finally, in October 2020, Kourt and Travis connected and became inseparable. They brought together a small family which included five children and one stepchild. Travis still was closely connected to his stepdaughter, Atiana from his marriage to Moakler. A year later, he proposed to Kourtney with their families by their sides. This included his children but her three were sadly not in attendance. It was a hard pill to swallow and Kourtney believed it was a complete error in judgment. Despite having a blended family, they still wanted to create a little one together. Has it finally happened?

The Road To Baby

Kourtney Kardashian underwent a handful of rounds of IVF and eventually stopped. She and Travis went through a complete cleanse and they decided to do it the natural way. Now, fans are believing they are expecting twins, according to The Sun. In fact, they have taken to Reddit to express their thoughts on why they are under this impression. First off, it might not actually be Kourtney carrying the babies but rather they have opted for a surrogate. Keep in mind that her sister Kim used a surrogate for her two youngest children.

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  • “if IVF worked there’s no way the doctors would tell Kourtney to carry the embryo. if they have a baby it is 100% being delivered via surrogate. you don’t want to take chances given all the circumstances. i think they would wait until after the baby is born to announce its existence too so we’d be waiting a while to know if this theory is real.”
  • “I feel Kravis would “request” twins. Especially boy/girl twins. (I haven’t read this entire post tbh) but I think Kourt wants to carry on her own”

At this point, this is pure speculation and fans are still searching for a baby bump on Kourtney daily. Either way, as long as they are happy and get their ideal outcome, that is all that matters.

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  1. No, She’s not pregnant they just issued a statement saying they were going to take a break from trying…
    No viable eggs!

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