Does Kody Brown Regret Selling The Las Vegas Houses Right Now?

Kody Brown from TLC

The Brown family lived in Las Vegas for a number of years. After living in rentals for two years, each sister-wife got her own house on a cul-de-sac. But after a while, Kody Brown decided it was time to pack up the family and relocate to Flagstaff, Arizona.

Each house sold over time, but some Reddit fans think that Kody Brown regrets selling the properties when he did. If he sold them today, he might have made a much tidier profit. Keep reading to learn more.

The demand for housing shot way up since Kody Brown sold the family’s Las Vegas homes

Since the pandemic began, homes are selling at record-high prices. And that’s exactly why some of his fans are regretting his decision to sell the Las Vegas properties a few years ago.

And of course, Reddit couldn’t help but comment on the poorly timed decision.

Kody Brown/TLC

“Ah, look at his professional presentation, aired in February 2019,” the original Reddit poster wrote, sharing a screenshot of Kody’s presentation. “I have zero doubts Kody is on Zillow daily, likely blaming Christine for his greed and idiocy. The average Las Vegas home is up 30% since just *last* year. How could this graph have led him so far astray? It says FACTS right on it.”


Other Reddit users readily agreed with the OP and poked fun at Kody Brown.

“Every once in [a while], I think about the urgency of this presentation and how sure Kody was that it was the perfect time to sell. Makes me laugh. As usual, Kody was so wrong,” one user chimed in.

Of course, Kody Brown couldn’t have predicted that a global pandemic would drive the demand for housing up. But the internet still finds the situation very amusing.

The internet tires of the patriarch’s rants

Sister Wives has 16 seasons right now. And through the years, Kody Brown has given viewers many different reasons not to like him.

In a different Reddit thread, users brought up the time that Kody made disparaging comments about the LGBTQ+ community and women.

“The fact that Kody didn’t go to the March because ‘women and gays have more rights than him’ but [Mariah] still went to the plig protest knowing there’d be chances of homophobia. I just… it’s the kids being more mature than the parents for me,” the original Reddit user wrote.

Do you agree with the internet’s opinions of Kody Brown? Be sure to leave all your thoughts and opinions in the comments. Don’t be afraid to share what you really think.

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