Kody Brown Once Said ‘Women & Gays’ Have More Rights Than Him?

Kody Brown from TLC

The Sister Wives family patriarch Kody Brown definitely gets a lot of online hate these days. Fans have a myriad of problems with him based on his onscreen behavior and how he treats his wives.

But a recent Reddit thread recently highlighted one of Kody’s more problematic statements. Keep reading to see what was said.

Reddit drags Kody Brown for his previous comments on women and the LGBTQ+ community

TLC personality Kody Brown isn’t exactly known for being eloquent or a fountain of wisdom. Fans weren’t entirely surprised when he made disparaging comments about women’s rights and the LGBTQ+ community at points in the series. But the words still stung.

Now, a Reddit thread is revisiting his hurtful and ignorant comments.

Sister Wives/TLC

“The fact that Kody didn’t go to the March because ‘women and gays have more rights than him’ but [Mariah] still went to the plig protest knowing there’d be chances of homophobia. I just… it’s the kids being more mature than the parents for me,” the original Reddit user wrote.

“Kody is just a child, throws his dummy out of his pram regularly,” another Reddit user replied. “[It’s] no thanks to him that the kids have grown up and know how to validate life better than him.”

“It’s also no wonder that none of the kids (besides Mariah considering years ago) followed their family into polygamy,” someone else pointed out, citing that none of the Brown children have expressed interest in polygamy in their adult lives.

“Kody is selfish enough to believe that someone getting treated for a stab wound before he is for a cut on his arm means that person is getting preferential treatment,” another Reddit user added. “Also Kody if you’re reading this, you CHOSE to live plural marriage! Your child and other lgbt people do no choose to be lgbt.”The comments say it all here – Sister Wives fans are definitely not okay with Kody’s comments.

Other Reddit users roast the family patriarch for his dancing abilities and hypocrisy

While plenty of Sister Wives fans took issue with Kody’s rants, other Reddit users had something to say about the way he dances.

Kody and Robyn Brown were recently spotted out at a bar for dinner and dancing. These activities aren’t very agreeable with the strict COVID-19 rules that Kody put in place. Reddit users dragged him for his hypocrisy, but also how aggressively he behaves on the dance floor.

“Omg that aggressive dancing has always annoyed me SO much,” one Reddit user said after watching the video.

“He only has one move the ‘arm rip off,'” someone else added.

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