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Kody Brown’s Aggressive Dancing Sends Fans Reeling: One Arm Rip?

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There’s quite a bit that Sister Wives fans don’t particularly love about Kody Brown. In general, they believe he plays favorites with his wives and neglects his adult children. The list of complaints only gets longer with each passing season.

Sister Wives Season 17 hasn’t come out yet, but fans are already bracing themselves for the worst. And in the meantime, other fans have spotted the Brown family patriarch out and about — even though he claimed to take COVID-19 social distancing very seriously.

So what are fans talking about these days? Keep reading to learn more.

Fans think Kody Brown dances way too “aggressively”

Reddit users seldom shy away from posting their true thoughts on the Brown family. And that’s where the post about Kody Brown’s aggressive dancing cropped up.

Kody Brown/TLC

“With Covid cases rising, Kody and Robyn head out for dinner and dancing,” the original Reddit poster wrote, followed by a video.

In the clip, viewers can see Kody twirling Robyn around on the dance floor before they head off to the bar.

“Omg that aggressive dancing has always annoyed me SO much,” one Reddit user replied.

“He only has one move the ‘arm rip off,'” another wrote.

“Right!? And they probably think they’re so great at it. Really people were watching because it’s embarrassing,” someone else added.

If you get a chance to watch the clip for yourself, leave your own thoughts and opinions in the comments. Is Kody Brown really an aggressive dancer? Share your ideas.

Reddit users compare the family patriarch to a character from The Office

In the past, Sister Wives fans have noted how “cartoonish” Kody Brown can be at times — especially in the show’s early days when he seemed to still genuinely enjoy his family and polygamist lifestyle.

But there is one television character that Reddit users couldn’t help but compare Kody Brown to.

“First time watcher: Kody gives me major Office Season 1 Michael Scott vibes,” a new Sister Wives fan posted on Reddit. “Watching the show for the first time. In the first episode, the camera-work, lower quality, and Kody’s overall personality give me major vibes of the first season of The Office. Kody thinks he is funny and awesome when he’s not, and seems to lack self-awareness. Watching him go around the house introducing everyone feels just like Michael giving a tour of the office.”

Several other fans echoed these sentiments.

“Yes!! Like his opening line in the car about liking marriage so much he is a repeat offender is total Michael Scott vibes! Haha,” replied another Reddit user.

The aggressive dancing session would likely also be considered a classic Michael Scott move.

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