Jim Bob Duggar Barred Family Member From Accepting ‘DWTS’ Invite

Jim Bob Duggar, YouTube

It’s been revealed that TLC star Jim Bob Duggar shot down one family member’s shot on Dancing With the StarsUntil now, no one knew that a Duggar was invited onto the dancing competition show. Keep reading to get all of the details about who was invited, and what happened.

If you’re a Duggar fan, you probably know that they have some very strict rules to follow, from the way they dress to how they date. They also have rules about dancing. Dancing is not allowed in the Duggar family’s home.

So, this explains why Jim Bob didn’t allow one family member to go on DWTS. So, who was invited onto the show anyway?

Jim Bob Duggar, YouTube
Jim Bob Duggar, YouTube

Jim Bob Duggar barred a family member from accepting an invitation to join DWTS. 

A source recently revealed to The Sun that one member of the Duggar family has been invited onto Dancing With the Stars. Now, the show is on Disney+ after leaving ABC.

The source revealed that Jim Bob Duggar’s niece, Amy King, was invited to join the show. The source says, “She was offered to go on Dancing with the Stars, but Jim Bob would not let her do it.

They add that DWTS isn’t the only show that Amy has been invited onto, saying, “She’s had many opportunities for shows.”

It’s worth noting that because Amy isn’t one of Jim Bob Duggar’s kids, she doesn’t follow the same rules his children have to. So, she dresses less modestly and drinks alcohol at times. She also appears to be using some kind of birth control because she only has one child.

Amy King Instagram
Amy King Instagram

Over the years, Amy has been very vocal about separating herself from the Duggars. She lives a very different life than they do. And she appears to be okay with dancing, even though her uncle is not.

It’s unclear why Jim Bob had any control over whether Amy went on DWTS. After all, he’s not her father. But for some reason, he called the shots in this situation.

Maybe eventually Amy will have another opportunity to join the show or another reality TV show. She was previously on Marriage Boot Camp. 

So, do you think it’s odd that Jim Bob Duggar decided whether his niece, Amy King, could join DWTS? Tell us in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar updates.

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  1. Jim Bob has no jurisdiction over Amy. How could he stop her from being on DWTS? He’s not her father. Even if he was, Amy is an adult and wouldn’t have to be controlled by her father, much less her uncle.

  2. Her uncle should not have anything to do with her accepting the invitation from DWTS. If she wishes to participate in the program she should do it.

  3. What right does Jim Bob have to give his edicts on what Amy can and can not do. I say since she isn’t his daughter there can’t be any possible reason for him to prohibit her from being on the show. Maybe and this is a reach in the original contract for their show Amy signed a release and somewhere hidden was verbiage to the affect that Jim Bob has the right to say “Yes or No” to any shows Amy appears on? Like I said a reach.

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