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Amy King Joins TikTok, Throws Shade At Duggars

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Amy King is now on TikTok! The social media platform is a place for users to create and share short video clips. Some of these clips are dances, while others are funny jokes. Of course, there’s a wide variety of content on the platform. So far, Amy has only shared one video, but there will likely be more to come. The Duggar cousin is already throwing shade at the Counting On family.

Her first video on TikTok is of her nine-month-old son, Daxton Ryan. In the video, he’s dancing to U Can’t Touch This. He’s even wearing a shirt that reads, “Can’t touch this.” His pants have hedgehogs on them too, making this the perfect outfit for the song. Of course, Amy is helping him do all the dance moves. She posted the same video to her Instagram account too, so fans on all platforms can see it.

As usual, her followers are gushing over the little guy. They think he’s adorable and they hope she continues to post more videos of him on TikTok. Fans especially love his red hair, which is especially noticeable in this new video. With such a positive response to her video, it’s likely that fans will get to see many more videos of Daxton on TikTok.


Can’t touch this!🦔

♬ U Cant Touch This – Modern Rock Players

Amy King throws shade at Duggar family

In the past, Amy has made it very clear that she isn’t a Duggar. Amy is Jim Bob’s niece. So, technically, she is related to the famous family. But, she would rather not be referred to as a Duggar.

In her TikTok bio, she throws a little bit of shade at the Duggar family. She writes, “I am in the only one in my fam who dances.” In this caption, she’s alluding to the fact that her relatives aren’t allowed to dance. Amy was raised differently than her famous relatives, so she didn’t have to follow the same rules as they did. While Amy’s a Christian, she isn’t quite as conservative as the rest of her family.

Already, Amy’s followers are commenting on the bio. One fan commented on her Instagram post, saying, “Your bio on your TikTok is the best tho. I am truly cracking up 😂😂😂

It’s worth noting that Amy isn’t necessarily on bad terms with her cousins. She recently talked about their relationship. Specifically, she’s close to Jill Dillard.

So, what do you think of Amy’s first TikTok? Do you like her bio? Let us know in the comments below.

The Duggar family returns to TLC’s Counting On on Tuesday, July 7.

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