‘Flight Attendant’ Season 3? Kaley Cuoco Shares Sad News

Kaley Cuoco - Instagram

The Season 2 Finale of The Flight Attendant aired last week and fans are already wondering if Kaley Cuoco will return for Season 3. According to People Magazine, the actress had some pretty sad news for fans of the HBO Max drama. Turns out, the actress currently isn’t on board for a Season 3. So, fans shouldn’t expect the show to return anytime soon — or at all.

Flight Attendant Season 3? Kaley Cuoco shares sad news

Speaking exclusively to People Magazine, the former Big Bang Theory star tells the outlet there currently aren’t plans for a third season. She, however, did give fans of the series a glimmer of hope as she’s currently “outnumbered” by people who are itching to stretch the series out with another season.

Now, I’m like, ‘Well, we did two. We should probably be done.’ And I think I’ve been outnumbered with that thought. There’s definitely interest in doing a third season. I think for me, at this moment, the plane has landed.”

Kaley Cuoco - Instagram
Kaley Cuoco – Instagram

Would the actress be open to returning?

Now, those who have watched The Flight Attendant know there is no way HBO Max could bring the series back for Season 3 unless Kaley Cuoco was open to returning. Fortunately, the 36-year-old tells People Magazine the door isn’t closed on her willingness to return for Season 3. Kaley Cuoco, however, has some other plans going on and things she wants to work on. So, she needs a little room to stretch her legs before jumping into a Season 3 of the series.

Kaley continued to tell the media outlet: “I think I need a minute. I just kind of feel like we just ended. Some of my favorite shows on TV take some time to come back, and then I get very excited about a new season. I want to make sure that the fans are excited and that we’re not pushing it too hard.”

I mean, we’ve done so much this season. Even in the eight episodes, we’ve done so much story that I’m thinking, Well, what could we do next? So it’s going to take a lot of thought to make sure if we go back that it’s better than the last two, which is very hard to do.”

Where would Kaley Cuoco want Flight Attendant Season 3 to go?

While she doesn’t really want to pursue it now, the actress did share her thoughts on what direction Flight Attendant Season 3 should take. Turns out, she would really like the storyline to focus on Cassie Bowden’s sobriety journey if it was going to come back for a third season.

Kaley Cuoco - Instagram
Kaley Cuoco – Instagram

Kaley explains: “That is what her life is truly about and those are her struggles, but I don’t know. I think it’s going to take us a minute to figure out what that would look like. And also, because our show is international, where would we go? It’s all about the travel on this show, which makes it so special.”

Kaley Cuoco concluded her interview by applauding the writers. She noted they did a pretty great job with the way the Season 2 Finale played out. She doesn’t believe the series left the audience hanging and if the series didn’t return for a Season 3 that was alright. Kaley, however, also believes the ending was open enough that it could come back for more if they decided to pursue it.

For those who haven’t seen Kaley Cuoco in The Flight Attendant, Season 1 and 2 are available for streaming via HBO Max.

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