Simon Cowell’s Fingers Were In Weird Spot During Semi Final?

Simon Cowell - YouTube/Britain's Got Talent

People watching Britain’s Got Talent on Monday night all had the same complaint about Simon Cowell during the show. The program’s long-standing judge had his fingers in a weird place during the intro of the semi-final. Continue reading to see why fans are raising an eyebrow.

Simon Cowell Explains The Bizarre Move

Anyone watching the semi-final of BGT on Monday was probably wondering what was going on with Simon during the opening moments. He plugged his ears with his fingers while the competitors were being introduced.

Simon Cowell - ITV/The Sun

Credit: ITV/Britain’s Got Talent

To some, putting his fingers in his ears may appear to be a rude act and, at the very least, it was odd. However, he quickly explained his actions on the show.

When the talent show hosts Ant and Dec approached the panel of judges, he immediately explained his weird actions. “By the way, I was doing this [puts fingers in ears] the whole way through the intro because I don’t know who is on tonight’s show so I like to be surprised,” he said.

This is the first live show in the series and he allegedly did not know who perform. According to Simon, he turned away and put his fingers in his ears so that he could be surprised.

Simon acknowledged that it probably looked a bit odd, but he clarified that he was excited about the show to come. Dec immediately replied, “Simon, nothing surprises us about you anymore.” Fellow judge David Williams jumped in with a joke saying, “He doesn’t really know where he is anymore. He is just wheeled in. He doesn’t know what show he is on.”

Viewers aren’t believing what Simon has to say about his odd behavior though.

‘BGT’ Fans Aren’t Buying His Story

Fans of the show took to social media in droves to share their displeasure at Simon’s actions during the introduction to the semi-final. Most of them didn’t believe that he didn’t know who would be on and that all of it was an unnecessary act.

“Give over, don’t chat s**t Simon,” one person tweeted during the live show. “You know full well who’s on tonight’s show!” A few people asked with disbelief, “does Simon really not know who’s on??” Many other people weighed in, adding eye roll emojis and joking about Simon’s botox, stating no one would be able to tell whether he was surprised or not.

Simon Cowell - YouTube/Britain's Got Talent

Credit: YouTube/Britain’s Got Talent

The general consensus was that he knew who would appear on the show and that it was all an act. It backs up recent debates about whether or not the show’s outcome is fixed.

While he admitted his actions may have appeared a bit strange, he hasn’t addressed any of the comments made since then.

What do you think? Were Simon Cowell’s actions just for show on the Britain’s Got Talent semi-final or were they genuine?

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