‘Bringing Up Bates’ Pictures Give Clues Katie Bates Pregnant?

Katie Bates and Travis Clark (Bringing Up Bates) Instagram

Bringing Up Bates fans have been picking up on clues that Katie Bates and her husband, Travis Clark, might be expecting their first baby. The couple tied the knot in December and have since moved to their first home in New Jersey. They already share a dog, Remi, but could a baby be in their future? Fans think so. Keep reading to get all of the details and find out why fans think she’s already pregnant.

If you are familiar with the Bates family, you may know that many of them end up conceiving not too long after they get married. Katie’s parents, Gil and Kelly Bates have 19 children, and some of their adult children have large families too. So, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Katie and Travis started a family soon, fans think.

As of right now, Katie hasn’t said that she’s pregnant.

Katie Bates Instagram (Bringing Up Bates)

Bringing Up Bates fans think recent photos might be hints that Katie Bates is pregnant.

In a new confession on the Duggar Bates Confessions Instagram page, fans are talking about the possibility of Katie being pregnant. In an anonymous confession, one fan pointed out that Katie has been hiding her stomach in recent photos. They wonder if she’s trying to cover up a baby bump.

Duggar Bates Confessions

One Bringing Up Bates fan says, “I think she is although recent pictures show no belly, she’s quite petite so won’t show for awhile.”

Others agree that she might be pregnant. Someone else points out that she hasn’t been very active on social media recently, which could be due to morning sickness. She typically posts lots of photos and videos on her Instagram stories.

In the photos below, you can see a few snaps posted from Lawson Bates and Tiffany Espensen’s recent wedding. On the far right, Katie poses with her brother Trace. They snapped a selfie, so her belly isn’t fully visible.

Bringing Up Bates, Trace Bates Instagram

In another photo from Tiffany and Lawson’s wedding, Katie is using her arm to cover her stomach.


Katie Bates & Travis Clark share their thoughts on kids.

On social media and YouTube, Bringing Up Bates fans have asked Katie and Travis about their plans for having kids. In a recent Instagram Q&A, Travis responded to a fan who asked about their baby plans. Travis simply said, “It’s up to Katie.”

In the past, Katie has said she has baby fever and also modeled a dress, pointing out it would be cute with a baby bump.

So, it’s possible that they are talking about having a baby soon. We’ll have to wait and see if they make an announcement anytime soon.

Katie Bates Instagram
Katie Bates Instagram

So, do you think that Katie and Travis will start a family of their own soon? Do you think she might have been hiding a baby bump in recent photos? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the whole Bringing Up Bates family, come back to TV Shows Ace

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