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Lawson Bates’ Expensive Wedding Details Revealed: What Is Gil & Kelly Jo Bates’ Net Worth?

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Bringing Up Bates Lawson Bates recently married actress Tiffany Espensen. He had a rather expensive venue, which has raised questions among fans. After all, the Bates are no longer making money from their show, Bringing Up Bates, after it was canceled earlier this year.

Now, fans are wondering what Gil and Kelly Jo Bates’ net worth is. Scroll down to get some of the wedding details, as well as find out how much Gil and Kelly Jo are worth these days.

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Lawson Bates’ expensive wedding details revealed

On Thursday, May 12, Lawson and Tiffany tied the knot. They got married in San Diego, California, which is where she’s from.

After the family began posting photos on social media, fans saw that the wedding took place on a yacht. Bringing Up Bates fans dug up some additional information about the venue and just how much it cost.

On Reddit, a Bates fan noted that the couple got married on the California Spirit yacht, which costs $4,200 per hour on a weekday.

The fan added, “Food and drinks were extra. Food started at $65 a person.”

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It’s worth noting that Tiffany and Lawson Bates seemed to do things very traditionally. So, it’s possible her parents paid for the yacht.

Gil & Kelly Jo Bates’ net worth

According to the latest estimate from Wealthy PersonsGil is worth roughly $500,000.

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Bringing Up Bates: Kelly Jo & Gil Bates

Gil and Kelly Jo Bates’ net worth may change without Bringing Up Bates to help pay the bills. However, they do have other ways to make money. Kelly now works at the Bates Sisters Boutique with her daughter, Carlin, and daughter-in-law, Whitney. So, she may make an income for the work she does there.

Gil owns a tree removal business, which he operates with the help of some of his children. Plus, he’s a pastor at his family’s church and can bring in an income that way. So, it looks like the couple found a way to do their part and pay for at least something in Lawson Bates’ recent wedding.

It won’t be long before Gil and Kelly Jo have another wedding to pay for. Trace Bates recently asked Lydia Romeike to marry him.

So, does the cost of Lawson Bates’ expensive wedding surprise you? Did you know Gil and Kelly Jo Bates’ net worth? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Bringing Up Bates news.

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  1. So people are having a fit and trying to figure out “who” paid for what and “how” were they able to have such an expensive wedding…for one, IF the boat was $4200 and food $65 per person, thats $10,700 and in this day and age thats NOT a lot for a wedding…who paid for it is really no ones business..her parents maybe , she might have..who cares…they didn’t ask for handouts, they didn’t “grift”..She has her own money from her being on different TV programs.Maybe Lawson had some tucked away. Might be that Gil and Kellie helped…can’t people just be happy for them and wish they a long ,happy, health life…it was on the show, Bringing Up Bates, years ago when one of the older girls got married that Gil and Kellie gave them a certain amount towards their wedding and if they went over..they paid..

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