Wells Adams Shares Odd Thing Avoided On ‘BIP’

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Bachelor in Paradise bartender Wells Adams is getting ready to head back to Mexico to help film another season. The 2021 season of the show was very different since Chris Harrison had departed. There were guest hosts who stepped in to help keep the season alive. Of course, Wells was there serving up drinks and also attending to master of ceremony duties. Now, as he is getting ready to bartend another BIP season, Wells is sharing some interesting information on what contestants tend to avoid on the beach.

Wells Adams shares some interesting information

Heavy shared what Wells Adams had to say about what the BIP contestants like to drink on the beach. He also shared what they try at all costs to avoid on the beach.

First of all, when it comes to making drinks, Wells is the best at it. He says one of his specialties is an old-fashioned. However, he said not many ask for his specialty drink very often. Why? It’s because of what the contestants are trying to avoid. The contestants are all trying to avoid carbs.

Wells said, “My best cocktail is an old-fashioned, but no one ever orders it because that’s a weird beach drink.” Most contestants prefer to order “skinny” drinks since they are in bikinis the majority of the time.

He went on to say, “I do a lot of tequila sodas, because everyone is terrified of carbs down there — which is understandable, they gotta showcase their abs 24/7.” Wells continued, “So there’s a lot of vodka soda, tequila soda.”

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Credit: Wells Adams via YouTube

Weird drinks

Wells also shared that each year there seems to be some weird drink requested on the beach. Last year he noted it was Champagne. The year before the contestants all drank white wine and Red Bull. So, Wells said he’s very curious about what this year will bring.

Going back to carbs, Wells said that nobody drinks beer on the beach. They are just too concerned with consuming too many carbs. He noted the only ones who would usually drink beer were himself and Chris Bukowski.

'BIP' Wells Adams/YouTube
‘BIP’ Wells Adams/YouTube

A little disappointed

Wells noted that he was a little bit disappointed when he learned that Jesse Palmer would be the host of the show. However, he’s excited to go back as the bartender.

He said there are worse gigs than spending a month in Mexico serving up drinks.

What do you think about the contestants all avoiding carbs on the beach?

Are you excited to see Wells bartend again?

Bachelor in Paradise should begin filming the 2022 season soon!



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  1. I like Wells better than Jesse. He should have gotten the job of hosting. He’s more animated and fun. You can find a good bartender anywhere.

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