Wells Adams Shares Feelings About Not Being Named ‘The Bachelor’ Host

Wells Adams via YouTube

Fan favorite and Bachelor in Paradise bartender Wells Adams is sharing how he felt about not getting The Bachelor hosting job. Wells has always been humble and never said the job should be his or that he would even for sure want it. However, now, he’s sharing thoughts about Jesse Palmer getting the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to host the long-running reality series. Keep reading to find out more about if Wells wanted the job and how he felt not being offered the position.

Wells Adams shares feelings about not getting The Bachelor hosting gig

US Weekly shared what Wells Adams had to say about the whole situation regarding The Bachelor hosting gig. As it turns out, Wells was very much open to becoming the next host. In fact, he admits he was a little bummed out when the role was given to Jesse Palmer.

Wells said, “But I was never the Bachelor, so I understood the decision.” He continued, “I also know Jesse really well, I’ve worked with him before. So I get him being the host, he was the Bachelor [so it] totally makes sense. You know, I’m happy [for him].”

Wells Adams, Youtube
Wells Adams, Youtube

While he’s not the new host of The Bachelor, Wells doesn’t sound like he’s giving up hope of landing one of the hosting jobs. He said,  “Hell no! I wanted that job, come on. It’s the best job in the world. You fly around, you say three words, [give] last rose [and] get outta here. … There’s no host for Paradise yet, so we’ll see.”

He may be disappointed but Wells has nothing but kind words about Jesse Palmer. Wells even said that fans may be in a for a surprise when they see Jesse’s hosting debut in January.

Wells said, “[It’s] tough shoes to fill, you know, everyone was very accustomed to Chris doing that job.” He continued, “Change is hard for the audience so … it’s going to be a weird thing for people to see, I think. But I’ve met Jesse, I know him. He’s a wonderful dude, so I’m happy.”

Jesse Palmer
Jesse Palmer via Instagram

The bartender shared thoughts on Chris Harrison

Bachelor Nation was stunned when Chris Harrison permanently left the franchise. Wells has remained close friends with Chris and keeps in touch. He recently also said that he thinks it’s very possible Chris has something up his sleeve. He believes Chris will be making a return to television or getting involved in a new project soon.

Aside from bartending in the summer on Bachelor in Paradise, Wells is also busy with a new Hulu show. He will be hosting Best in Dough. 

What do you think about Wells being disappointed he didn’t get The Bachelor hosting job? Are you excited to see how Jesse Palmer handles the role?

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