‘Unexpected’ Fans Actually Want Kylen And Jason On Show?

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Most Unexpected viewers are completely against Jason Korpi being on the show. They have been working extremely hard to get the volatile teen father removed from the series. Yet are there actually some people who want him and his baby mama Kylen Smith to stick around?

Get Them Off Unexpected Now

Jason Korpi and Kylen Smith joined TLC’s hit reality series this season. It was a mess from the get-go with fans immediately wanting Jason removed. They found him abusive, controlling, and manipulative and couldn’t believe the network would allow this behavior. From the beginning, he was always telling Kylen what she could do, what he wanted her to do. It was never constructive, always dictating. Her parents truly wanted to be a part of this experience and see their daughter. Of course, he did not feel that this was necessary and that they treated her like a child. Rather he wanted to hang out with his friends since he would not be able to once their son Xavier was born.


She openly said she felt better with a hospital delivery but Jason disagreed. He wanted her to have a home birth because he really wanted to have full involvement. Jason also felt very firmly that any drugs were bad for the baby such as an epidural and he got Kylen to agree with this. Yet she had a change of pace when her labor was neverending and the baby could be harmed by maternal exhaustion. It caused a great deal of stress and struggle between the couple and he got removed from the hospital. Petitions have been started to get Jason removed from the series and people have contacted TLC yet they are billed for the tell. Somehow, it seems not everyone wants the couple to leave.

Keep Jason And Kylen

So many people want the couple removed from the show yet a Reddit thread has been started to keep them. Though the Redditor who initiated it did admit it was an unpopular opinion, the reasoning was valid. “Kylen is clearly being abused. That is no secret, however I think by taking them off the show she’ll be stuck for the rest of her life. I truly believe that by not sharing it (even if it seems it’s just for ratings) we’re covering it up.” This idea has been mentioned before that if they are taken off the show, the abuse could get worse. As of now, Jason claims they have both quit the series. Others did chime in on them staying:


  • “I also am glad they showed their story, even though it is upsetting and hard to watch. Bringing the abuse to the surface might eventually save her life and help her get out sooner. However, I don’t want them on another season.”
  • “I definitely see this point of view and I agree it will keep her relatively safe to have eyes and cameras on her. But knowing that Jason will be PAID to abuse her makes me think differently.”

However, there were a handful of people who still feel that TLC is exploiting the couple for ratings and that is not acceptable at all. Do you think the couple should stay for he safety of Kylen and to raise awareness? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

Amanda Nowitz

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  1. I will not keep them in the show, but now the show need to find them some profesional help. It is very clear he is abusing her.

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