Fans Think Jason Duggar’s Statement About Josh Made Jim Bob Furious

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Jason Duggar is one of the few members of the family to comment on Josh’s recent sentencing. He made a statement on Thursday, May 26, just one day after attending his brother’s sentencing hearing. Based on what he wrote, however, fans are speculating that his statement has Jim Bob Duggar fuming.

So, what did Jason write, and how do fans think Jim Bob reacted to it?

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On Wednesday, May 25, Jason attended Josh’s sentencing hearing. His sister, Joy-Anna Forsyth, and brother James Duggar were spotted with him in the courtroom. They watched and listened as their eldest brother was sentenced to 151 months (12.5 years) behind bars for his child pornography crime.

Jason Duggar shares his thoughts on Josh’s sentencing.

On Thursday, Jason Duggar took the time to write a statement on his brother’s sentencing. He posted it to his Instagram stories for his many followers to read. You can read the full statement below.

He wrote that he feels the sentence is “fair” and that his brother’s actions have impacted the entire family. He closed his statement by writing, “My prayer is that God will use this circumstance to truly humble him and bring about a true change in his life!”

Jason Duggar Instagram
Jason Duggar Instagram

Fans think Jim Bob is fuming over the statement.

On Reddit, Duggar fans and critics are talking about the most recent statement to come out. And they feel that it was very bold of Jason to say these things. Many agree that his statement probably has Jim Bob feeling pretty angry.

Someone says, “Ohhhhhh I imagine Jim Bob just seething as he reads these.”

Another Reddit user points out that Jason Duggar seems to have a different opinion on Josh’s actions. Sources have come out and said that Anna and Jim Bob Duggar believe Josh is being framed or that he’s innocent.

But Jason seems to have accepted that Josh is guilty. A Reddit user points out, “He’s going off script and clearly not afraid of Daddy Dearest.”

Jason Duggar Instagram
Jason Duggar Instagram

So far, of the kids who live under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof, Jason is the only one to issue a statement. Jill and Derick Dillard also shared a statement.

So, do you agree that Jim Bob is probably unhappy with the statement Jason made? What do you think of Jason Duggar’s words? Tell us in the comments section below. And for more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace. 

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  1. They are adults and have a right to their opinions. Dad needs to accept they are adults. He also needs to accept he did not get help for his daughters or for his son.

  2. Jim Bob, Michelle, and Anna too should be next in line to be charged and prosecuted for endangering their children instead of protecting them from a child sexual predator.

  3. I don’t think Jason actually lives under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof. I believe he’s a successful contractor who bought his own house a year or two ago. He doesn’t need to suck off of Jim Bob’s teat, which is why he’s free to speak for himself.

    1. It was brave of him to speak the truth, and not be afraid to speak what he believes. His brother is a danger to his own kids pornography is the first sign before a person acts on it. Hope he gets the help he needs

  4. I think Josh should have a longer sentence and he should never be allowed to be around children every again. Think of the children not Josh. What about the children?

  5. They are slime goody two shoes Michelle goofy Jim Bob and Anna who is blind as a bat. He should of gotten a bigger sentence and good for the rest of the family going and doing there own thing
    The big question is “where’s dad “?
    Oh he’s in prison for child porn and
    molesting your Aunts .. good one Duggers
    Maybe Josh will get his in prison 😂😂

  6. Jim Bob NEEDS to get over himself SERIOUSLY. HE is NOT God.nowhere NEAR him.I believe that Jimmy boy WAS doing the same thing as Joshy,but HE covered his ass better and just hasn’t been caught YET.BE SURE YOUR SINS WILL FIND YOU OUT Jim Bob,it’s only a matter of time.I hope the other prisoners give him what he DESERVES,he is DISGUSTING. It’s also DISTURBING that Jim Bob and Michelle have MORE sympathy for the perpetrator than what they do for his victims.SHAME ON THEM.I am TOTALLY in agreement with cousin Amy on this.I feel sorry for Michelle and Anna since THEY are also victims of their controlling abusive cheating men BUT they are SOOOO brainwashed THEY STAY with them.WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU MICHELLE AND ANNA??????YOU are BOTH being used.It makes me laugh hysterically now when i recall Jim Bob gave Josh a book on his Wedding Day on how to please your woman in bed,with pictures of sexual positions.JOKE WAS ON JIM BOB,Josh didn’t need a book,he ALREADY KNEW ALL about it BEFORE he married Anna.YOU PEOPLE ARE DISGUSTING. SOOOO happy most of your Daughters have broken away from the JIM BOB RITUALS.JIM BOB is a CULT LEADER,NOT a NORMAL person. Behind that always present smile he wears is a DEMON,ruling his empire.He is FAR from being a Christian and Michelle is NO better,she dutifully listens and obeys his every word SHAMEFUL. I HOPE Anna is NOT allowed to visit the sex offender AT ALL,She NEEDS to WAKE UP and listen to HER GUT,NOT what Her parents and Joshs Parents are GUILTING her to do.The only thing Josh and Anna are concerned about is populating the already overpopulated world.

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