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What’s Next For Anna Duggar & Kids Amid Josh’s 12-Year Sentence?

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Former TLC star Anna Duggar has several big choices to make for herself and her seven children. On Wednesday, May 25, her husband Josh Duggar was sentenced to 151 months (12.5 years) behind bars. So, what does Anna’s future hold?

Josh was found guilty of receiving and possessing child pornography in December of 2021. He’s now been sentenced and will soon be transferred to federal prison.

Despite the severity of his charges and the disturbing nature of his crimes, Anna Duggar has stood by his side through it all. Fans may recall seeing her photographed as she attended each day of his trial in November. Though she has stayed mostly silent on her husband’s arrest and guilty verdict, sources close to the family claim she believes he’s innocent.

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Now that Josh will be locked up for more than a decade and Anna has seven children to raise on her own, what might be next? An insider recently spoke to InTouch Weekly, giving more insight into what may be going on behind the scenes.

What will Anna Duggar and her kids do now?

Anna and Josh share seven children. They include Mackynzie, 12, Michael, 10, Marcus, 8, Meredith, 6, Mason, 4, Maryella, 2, and Madyson, 7 months. Madyson was born just weeks before Josh’s trial began.

According to the insider who spoke with InTouch WeeklyJim Bob and Michelle Duggar, Josh’s parents, want Anna to stay with them until he is released.

The insider added, “Anna wasn’t shocked. She is relieved that it’s over though. Now comes the hard decision, whether to stay and wait for Josh to come out or start her life over without him. Some of her kids will be grown with possibly children of their own by the time their dad gets out.”

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Finally, the source said, “Everyone feels sympathy for Anna, she’s been living in a bad dream, and she needs a wake-up call.”

Many fans and critics are begging Anna Duggar to get a divorce. Even family members, including Amy King, are suggesting this option.

We will have to wait and see what the future holds for Anna and her children.

So, do you think that Anna Duggar will take up her in-laws on their offer? to let her stay with them for the next 12 years? Or do you think she will end up leaving Josh and starting a new life for herself and the kids? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family news.

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  1. No she will wait on him & want divorce him if it means still living in a shed with her inlaws she will. She has no job skills that I know of so she’ll have to depend on her inlaws for support.

    1. As a catholic I think she should serve him with divorce papers while he’s in prison where he belongs. How does she know if he ever crossed the line with her babies. Anna can do better!

  2. People need to give the duggers space. All of them,I pray Annna seeks the Lord and allow him to direct her path,she has allot to deal with all the kids.Can she and the kids go visit him?

  3. I am not Anna, this didn’t happen to me, if I was married to a sicko like Josh, knowing what he did to his own sisters’ whom I have the highest regard. Jill, Jessa, and Jinger have grown into beautiful and intellectual women with families of their own. But what happened to them was wrong. I have no idea why their parents didn’t stand up for them. We all come from a dysfunctional society? But that’s life!! No one is perfect!!! As for Anna she should kick his behind to the curb, serve him with divorce papers, definitely don’t move in with his parent’s. Anna is smart, she’ll land on her feet and her children not Josh’s children which he lost all his rights to be their father. I wish Anna the best.

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