WWE Smackdown 5/21: 3 Must-See Moments, Full Results


Friday Night Smackdown was the stage of the WWE Tag Team Title unification match between RK-Bro and The Bloodline. IC Champion Ricochet steps up to the undefeated Gunther. Nakamura and Sami Zayn battle in a gem not talked about enough. The Bloodline makes kids cry after the tag team title main event, and much more. Here are 3 Must-See Moments from Friday Night Smackdown, plus full results from the show.

WWE Smackdown: 3 Must-See Moments

Happy Corbin destroyed Madcap’s Andre the Giant Battle Royal Trophy
It all started at Wrestlemania when Happy Corbin was defeated by Drew McIntyre. Corbin won’t take personal responsibility for the loss, and instead, has put the blame on Madcap Moss. It didn’t take long before their friendship imploded and came to an end. Moss was put out of action and Corbin decided to gloat during an episode of Happy Talk. Rubbing salt into the wounds, Corbin destroyed Moss’ Andre the Giant Memorial Trophy.

Ricochet saves Gulak from Gunther’s post-match beatdown
Ever since Gunther has been brought up to WWE Smackdown, the blue brand has been put on notice. After dominating NXT UK and WWE UK, Gunther (formally WALTER) has continued his dominance on Friday Night Smackdown. Gunther quickly dispatched of Gulak and didn’t stop after the bell rang. With the assault continuing, IC Champion Ricochet rushed to the ring to make the save, setting up a possible title match in the future.

Epic Tag Team Title Unification Main Event

The Bloodline Unify the Tag Titles
The Usos and RK-Bro were all set to unify the tag team titles at Wrestlemania Backlash earlier this month. Those plans were put on hold as the match was changed to a 6-man tag with Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre added to the mix. Instead, the match unification match was added to WWE Smackdown and was slotted in the main event. The match was as good as advertised and has the WWE Universe in attendance on their feet. In the end, Reigns and Heyman interfered allowing Jey to hit the big splash on Riddle to unify the titles. Once the match was over, however, the beatdown of RK-Bro continued.

WWE Smackdown: Full Results

Shinsuke Nakamura def. Sami Zayn, Worth a Watch, ***1/4
Gunther’s def. Drew Gulak, Take a Pass, SQUASH
Raquel Rodriguez def. Shotzi, Skim It, **
Xavier Woods def. Butch, Skim It, **1/2
WWE Tag Team Title Unification Match: The Usos def. RK-Bro, Worth a Watch, ***3/4

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