Hallmark’s ‘Christmas In London’ Now ‘Jolly Good Christmas’: First Look


Hallmark knows it is never too early to get excited about Countdown To Christmas. In less than five months, the network will be Christmas 24/7. Moreover, they have already filmed some movies for the 2022 season.

One holiday movie, Christmas In London, has already experienced a name change. It is now called Jolly Good Christmas.

Jolly Good Christmas stars Will Kemp (Christmas Waltz, Reign), Reshma Shetty (Royal PainsMonarch), Callum Blue (Mix Up In The MediterraneanThe Tudors), Su McLaughlin (When The Screaming StartsRoom For A View), James Faulkner (Downton AbbeyGame Of Thrones), Sophie Hopkins (ClassDoctors), Amerjit Deu (DumboBollywood Queen), Montana Manning (Daddy IssuesThe Little Secret), Jules Knight (The RoyalsAgatha Raisin), Martin Miller (PrimevalCoronation Street), Andrée Bernard (Doctor WhoDoctors), Matt Ray Brown (EveApocryphal), Melanie Wilder (BreedersInformer), Maryhee Yoon (The AuthorA Search Through The Aisles), Charlie Carter (Blithe SpiritEastenders), Skyla-Chi Khamjani Wilson (Kindred), Andrea Vasiliou (Wonder WomanKrypton), and Gary Tushaw in his acting debut.

Ron Oliver (Christmas At The Plaza, Every Christmas Has A Story) wrote the script. Jonathan Wright (Christmas CEO, Love, Romance & Chocolate) is the director. 

What Is Hallmark’s Jolly Good Christmas About?

According to Variety, David Burnside (Kemp) is an American architect who relocates “across the pond.” He is now living in London, and working at a prestigious firm.

David is feeling the pressure. He has not found a suitable Christmas gift for his girlfriend, who also happens to be his boss’s daughter. Feeling defeated he buys a gift that lacks any sort of inspiration.

Moreover, David now feels more pressure. Professional shopper Anji Patel (Shetty) calls him on his dull gift. Soon, the two traverse around London, in search of the perfect gift. They find adventure and some “unexpected events” on their journey.

Will Kemp-https://www.instagram.com/p/CcOb2Z7sJur/
Will Kemp-https://www.instagram.com/p/CcOb2Z7sJur/

Where Was Hallmark’s Jolly Good Christmas Filmed?

Hallmark’s Jolly Good Christmas was filmed in its entirety in London. That includes residential areas, and such landmarks as Piccadilly Circus, and the iconic River Thames.

Does Will Kemp Have American Accent In Jolly Good Christmas?

On Twitter, Sleepy Kitty Paw, the source for all things Christmas, was concerned that Will Kemp will have to sport an American accent, instead of his gorgeous, native, British accent.

But …Why is Will Kemp, an actual English person, playing, “an American architect who relocates across the pond to take up a job at a prestigious London firm?” 🤔

If they make him do an American accent, so help me…

Reshma Shetty went to Instagram to talk about the “silly fun” they had filming this Hallmark Christmas movie.

So the script is so cute, and it was honestly such silly fun to shoot. And come on it’s premiering during Hallmarks Christmas movie countdown. And we are both cute 😉 @hallmarkchannel@variety@iamwillkemp@robbakerashton#london#jollygoodchristmas

Hallmark’s Jolly Good Christmas will premiere during Countdown To Christmas 2022. The network has not revealed the premiere date.

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